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Guests dog pooped and peed on the floors

Hi all,

Have been running my holiday rental for 5 years and had a few interesting experiences over the years.

We let guests bring dogs and an Airbnb guest left yesterday and our cleaner arrived to find multiple yellow dog wee stains in several carpeted rooms and then had the pleasure of stepping in a dog poop on the kitchen floor. She also discovered blood drops on one of the quilts and the place smells of dog pee. I have photos of all the stains.

I’m wondering what the best path forward is. I’ve just reached super host status and don’t want to put that at risk by putting in a bond claim which I’m sure will result in the guest leaving a retaliation negative review.

I guess I’m wondering whether it’s worth putting in a bond claim for carpet cleaning and the additional money I had to pay the cleaner to spot clean all the poop and pee?

Interested in people’s thoughts on what to do - I haven’t contacted the guest since they left almost 1 day back now.

Fun and games!

Hi there @Funkybits - we are also a dog-friendly listing. I imagine that dog poop and pee cannot be claimed for because of the explicit dog-friendliness in the listing. (Wouldn’t Airbnb say that this is part of hosting for people with dogs?)

We are lucky in that our floors are all tiled - no carpet. We provide lots of doggie amenities and specify that dogs should be well trained and not left alone in the rental.

I’m so sorry that you’ve had this issue but dogs and carpets don’t mix!

Did you require a deposit?

I love dogs as much as anyone (my partner and I have two, plus three cats), but your guests are exactly the reason why we refuse to let dogs or cats into our rental. Also we don’t want the myriad of non-pet people being exposed to the dogginess and cat-ish aromas that “just happen” around our furry friends…


Howdy and I appreciate you taking the time to respond.

I’m surprised that anyone would think it was ok for their animals to wee or poo on floors no matter what the surface.

My terms and conditions state pets dogs must be well behaved and toilet trained.

I spoke with Airbnb and they didn’t think dog poo and wee was acceptable behaviour and indicated a claim for cleaning was in order.


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Howdy and yep $200 which is approximately what it will cost me all up to fix.

Cheers for responding - much appreciated

Yes I am conflicted as we do receive significantly more bookings due to being dog friendly, however have had problems with barking dogs resulting in calls to owners who mostly claim it couldn’t be their dog - even though they have gone out for dinner and left a distressed pooch!

Cheers for responding

Yes guests can still leave a review while you are negotiating a claim, but I bet they are embarrassed and won’t. If you still want to leave one, wait for the last minute. If you get a negative one and feel it is retaliatory, alert Air and ask to have it removed as that is a violation of the TOS.

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Yeuch. That’s horrible :frowning:

oops, meant to write more… I have never had to submit a claim so not 100% sure but I thought neither party could leave a review if there was an ongoing claim through the resolution system? In any case, it was so disrespectful of these guests that you shouldn’t worry about a bad review.

Sorry but leaving dogshit on the kitchen floor is definitely NOT “part of hosting”! Seriously, would you even consider doing that?

Sorry, just getting used to the thread format on here. Glad to hear that Airbnb support you on this. So they should, it’s totally unacceptable.

You could invest in a bark collar. The new ones use vibration technology that escalates as they keep barking. works like a charm. Ask that the owners use it when they go out.

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