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Guests dog has turned aggressive and bit my dog can I make them leave

So this morning our guests dog attacked and bit our dog. Am I able to ask them both to leave?

For everyone’s safety it seems like a good idea. I would not refund and I would contact Airbnb about the incident. That’s why I don’t allow pets as I have my own.

Yes, that’s true but if I take the OP at her word that would be my opinion. Of course you have the expertise with dog behavior. Could be he said she said but if the guest’s dog was aggressive then I would not refund. Maybe she can clarify.

In this case, the guest had left her door wide open when she was sleeping. As I went Dow. To make my morning coffe, with my maltipoo following right next to me. Her dog came from inside the room she was staying in to attack my dog. I totally agree that dogs behaviors are directly related to dogs behaviors. Her dog is an older Shepard and chow mix with arthritis–which is super debilitating and painful :frowning: --but in any case it was her alpha dog , she has two dogs here, that was the aggressor. Thought I would clear up to help the thread along. Let us know what you think, and we thank you and value all your insight.


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I know as a dog owner and dog lover you want to accept dogs but I just wouldn’t to avoid this kind of thing. Sorry about your baby! @Jamie_Greiman

Thanks, maggieroni! Which there was abetted way to screen the guest and their pet before they stay. I love my little man, that’s what my BF calls her even though the little man is a little girl, and wit would tear us up gone away from our baby for too terrible long of a stay. This is why we had accepted guest with dogs. Maybe if we stipulate the size of the dog, that might clear up a situation from wing a bad one. not saying bad dog here is a big inept a small one, but I feel if ahead been bit by a small breed dog the damage to here woulda been at least small in scale than the guests Shepard mix

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Hell yes, you can kick out the guest and her dogs if your dog was attacked. I wouldn’t hesitate for a minute. A lot of dogs go in to guard mode when their owners are sleeping. It is true that many owners are blind to their dogs behavior. One of our dogs who is wonderful with all humans can be dog aggressive. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been thanked at the vet for telling them to keep her away from other dogs as most owners don’t.

Well you can leave a review for the dog lol! And you should. Maybe small dogs only also. But then again I was bitten by a pack of chihuahuas. I think it’s hard enough to vet the humans and no way to know how a dog will behave, no matter what his human says. My friend has an adorable bichon who is great with people but very aggressive with other dogs even large ones. She took on a Rotweiller and ended up at the vet.

If you’re not equipped for dog sitting, like K9Karma, I would not allow dogs. I happened once, it could be worse next time.

You could get a large cage and require guest dogs to be caged when the owner is not around/awake…

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