Guest's compensation

Just received notification from my city about water constructions for tomorrow 8 am -5 pm.
Notified tonight’s guest (1 night stay) right away and told her if she wanted to cancel, I totally understand.
They said it is too last minute. They are on their way here.

I bought 2x24 bottles of water for the inconvinient and upping the goodies.

Question is : what is the fair amount of refund for this kind of inconvinience ?

So the problem is lack of shower? Provide plenty of clean washcloths. 20%?

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1-night stay? I wouldn’t refund.

They won’t have access of running water from 8am- 11 am ( check out time).
Can you please elaborate more for your reason?

I think you have to wait and see what happens, the work might be scheduled for 8am but the water might not go off until 10am. The problem will be no number one’s or number two’s when it does go off and I do like a good number two in the morning.


All you need to flush the loo is a bucket of water.


Ha @PitonView, as I was scrolling down reading this I was planning to post exactly what you did :slight_smile:

I’ve been in the situation a few times when the water supply has been interrupted for a few hours but never thought of giving a refund. The guests were given a few hours notice and there haven’t ever been any complaints.

If you have any way of monitoring when the shutoff is that would help. I’m not an early riser, and it would be a big issue if I couldn’t shower in the morning. I would give maybe 25% off if this actually gets shut off at 8am.

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they need to set an alarm to have their coffee and showers all finished before 8 am


“The problem will be no number one’s or number two’s…and I do like a good number two in the morning.”

(…eek! I can’t look at you the same anymore!) :laughing:


Update : at 9:10 the water is still running.

Last night the guests checked-in at 22:20, apparently never read the listing

  1. Called and ask for the address (first timer)
  2. Because of not reading the check in instructions, called again on how to get into the apartment
  3. Bought the 5th person (reservation for 4)

I am not giving the compensation anymore :slight_smile:
Thank you all


Humpty Dumps

(you have not been charged for this pun on his name)


I am so glad that I did not gave this guest compensation or maybe because of it she gave me all this horrible reviews :slight_smile:

  1. Didn’t get the address (3 stars review)
  2. Didn’t know where the apartment is (3 stars review)
  3. Surprised that the listing is for lower level of the house (hence 4 stars reviews on location and value)
  4. Came in after the check in time

4 people reservation came with the 5th person.
I even called (US number that is going to cost me) offered to make the extra bed!!
Extra goodies to make them happy

59 reviews 5 stars on sparkling clean, and the 60th review 4 stars from her…unbelieveable.