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Guests coming from India to stay in uk

I wanted to ask has anyone had people from India getting jobs over in the uk .
I’ve had 3 guests now not that it’s a problem but they do not know how long it takes to to find a property to move into . Or references and paperwork they may need . I have a couple who have stay 2 nights needed to find some where else to live as they thought it would take just a few days to find a property though a agency.

Get that all the time with guests moving to the UK to work- with me I have had guests from New Zealand, Australia, Hungary, Denmark, Spain, Italy and France book for a few days and think within that time they can find work and a home.

I always ask guests why they are coming to Bristol and if they say for work I give them a reality check on the fact they are unlikely to find work and a place to live within a few days.

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Not your problem. Depends on where you are in the UK – some places are very strict about number of nights you can let out your place. If there are no length restrictions in your area, it’s up to you how long any guest can stay. Otherwise, you have some sort of agency in you council that helps people find places to stay – have your guests contact them directly.

I would not offer any discounts for longer stays (Airbnb will want you to). You will have to be firm about having access to clean your place one a week.

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Hi @KenH

Councils in England only help UK residents or those with leave to remain and have waiting listings running into the thousands in London and larger cities/tourist areas.

Single people and couples have little chance of getting somewhere and can be on the waiting list for 8 years or more before something might become available.

Overseas visitors should be registering with local estate agencies and websites before they arrive in the UK and with local employment agencies and job sites. This is what I advise my guests to do.

I am currently hosting a couple of Spanish guys coming here to live, who booked for three nights and have now been here for ten - the last seven a direct booking with me.

I used to short-term rent my spare room to visiting students and professionals. After one disastrous occasion when two hapless young Spaniards looking for work ended up invading my entire life for 3 months, I discovered Airbnb.

Like KenH says, it is NOT your responsibility to help them. Be frank in your messaging and tell them that they need to adjust their expectations. Please be firm. I don’t want to sound mean but you could end up like I did - feeling responsible for people who are not my concern and losing a lot of time, money and privacy because I felt sorry for them. I learned a lot from that experience. I am always willing to help people out who truly need it but you need to be able to sustain it. If you can’t, don’t offer it.

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