Guests Checked out and took my Bedding to Family's House?

(told to retitle this, sorry for thw confusion)
I previously wrote about my New Guests: (see original Post) 3rd Party Reservation, used 15 GB High Speed Verizon Data in less then 48 hours (Verizon said there were more then 2 Teens using social Media and they used my Wifi for their Smart Phone Celluar Data); basically lying there were only going to be 4 of their 5 kids staying here, ( I seen the 5th child leave the house early Sunday and the Fussy Camera my husband had on side of garage showed her being here two times more) and being high maintenance pushing for Leaves to be picked up so her younger children could play outside, etc. of just more BS. Ok, after 7 nights they left and the house looks good.
The I get a Text from daughter that her daughter left her Diary under the bed and Sister that lives here is coming by to pick it up. Sister calls and tells that she has some of “My Bedding”! (Pillows and my Good Burgundy Berkshire $50.00 Blanket! and that her blanket and two old Pillows (one being Down) is at my house! The reason given was Child went back and forth to stay at her house and Bedding got mixed up) Really?
So I go and check on my Bedding- and Sister Texts backs and says she will come by this week to exchange Bedding! Last night Sister Texts her roof is leaking from the rain and she has to stay home all week for the repair man, so she will come by next weekend! My husband thinks they are hiding something? Fahter gave me a Review, can’t see it - but maybe they are stalling waiting for my Review to give back Bedding or ? Andy ideas folks?
I am angry my New Pillows and blanket (I can wash) was taken from my house! I don’t know where it has been or what kind of Koodies the Pillows have? What would y’all do? And how or what would you wriite as a Review? This is my First time Hosting-the one good thing is my house is OK.

Actually, given new title it makes me think just to submit a Resolution Request for payment if the items, especially since you are worried what they might bring back into your house.

As far as review be sure to include this fiasco as well as how they handle to Resolution.


I doubt that it’s any different than the ones you have with people staying at your house.

First, you need to have spare pillows on hand. I have 6 in the Airbnb room and another 4 spares on hand on a shelf in my part of the house. Second, don’t buy expensive blankets. I got a fleece queen size blanket for $15 at Costco. Ikea has cheap blankets too. If you don’t have IKEA or Costco look on Amazon.

For this particular woman and would charge her for the pillows and blankets if she didn’t bring me mine YESTERDAY. I have more bookings and I can’t wait on her. I’d hope she didn’t bring them back and I would get new ones.

Review honestly but briefly.


Thanks for the support of this site…especially being a new Hosts. I sent a request for a New Blanket and Pillows and Not for the 3 nights the 5 th child stayed that I knew of. the 3rd Party (Father) agreed to pay it this am. And he is anngry! (wrote do Not contact me again) I don’t know how this money gets to me? through Airbnb? or directly to my house?
Now I get to write a review and I am not angry just exhausted since this 7 day Reservation turned into a 14 days of Drama. The bottom line is my house was left clean and nothing damaged. Sandar

If you sent the request though Airbnb, Airbnb will send you the money via your normal payout method. The father being angry is out of line. He is clearly taking out his anger of his shiftless family on you.

Please give an honest review. No one wants to host any members of the family.

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Having extra things on hand is a necessity and I agree with most of the advice from KKC. But some of us have more “luxury” listings and the items in our units are expensive. We have a $200 wool blanket and would not hesitate to make an Air claim if it got ruined or was stolen.

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This is only if you requested through the Airbnb Resolution Center. Go to