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Guests can't make it so have 'given' their booking to friends

Change of guests: they can’t make it so have passed their booking to someone else. Any thoughts or advice? Does it matter?

I would definitely ask for friends’ contact info and would screen them – age, purpose of visit, etc. Do you have time to re-book the place or is this last-minute? I have a pretty low acceptance rate – if you accept everyone, it might not matter.

Clarify with your original guests that you will be taking any damages out of their deposit, etc. otherwise you have no protections in place.

I would call AirBnB and ask if you can cancel their booking without penalty given the extenuating circumstances.

Had this happen lately. The guest did not contact me but her friend using another account did. She confirmed the original booking info (phone number etc), she said the friend had an accident and couldn’t travel, I accepted her. Not the worse experience but not a pleasant one. She arrived with another friend and I found out they were escorts. They didn’t do anything here, only 2 girls in the room, bit they had terrible manners, no respect for my times and abused of many things.

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