Guests came with different

Guests booked her family (50,48,21,14 and 12 years old) but came with bunch of 21 years old (she is 21 so assuming her friends are all the same age) and my listing does not take people under the age of 25.

They seemed to be nice kids, quiet and looks like they are going to follow the house rules.

What would be your move?

How did they explain the difference?

I have not ask her yet. I would like to wait and see (picture to prove) if they are going to cause any trouble or not.

I’d ask her for an explanation. But I’m also wondering (in light of previous topics here) if you really can specify that guests must be under 25?

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Im hesitate to ask because I don’t want her to leave bad review.
She register herself and her family to begin with and put her age 21.
So I am assuming they are a bunch of under 25 :slight_smile:

I ask guest when they are booking to state names and ages for insurance purposes. So far I’ve no problem in that area.

I wouldn’t worry about a bad review. She should be more worried about that. The point is that she lied to you. You don’t want someone who would lie to you to rent from you. Don’t think twice about the review - just ask her what she’s playing at.


So for insurance purposes the guests are not who she said they would be. I would be cancelling the reservation and contacting Airbnb.


Contact Airbnb. Let them handle it. She lied on her booking. What name appears on the booking? Is it her mom’s?

Booking name is under Jilian

Hi Ana! My family is from Toronto, and we’re taking some friends visiting from China to explore the Niagara Falls region. We’re a family of 5 - Eric (50), Kaily (48), Jillian (21), Lina (14), Jennifer (12). We’ll probably be arriving after dinner time, approximately around 8.

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Print the message out, then go and introduce yourself; ask each guest who they are e.g " Hi, are you Eric? You don’t look 50. And are you Kaily? You don’t look your age either; how do you do it? Lina, Jennifer, you must take a leaf out of Kailey’s book; you both look older that your age.

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