Guests Broke/Jammed 2 windows, left quickly this morning. What's my best recourse?

Latest guests took off this morning very quickly so I wasn’t able to check everything off with them before they left.

From the start, he was difficult (wanted to pay for an extra night with cash and bugged me twice a day, then ended up booking more expensive place for tonight - smh)

Day one they opened the front and a side window in their bedroom - all good. Until they said they had trouble closing the window. I get both closed and ask them (older home) to come to me if they try and close them again. This morning when I’m cleaning to flip the room for new guests tonight, I can’t close the side window. Go into the bathroom and that small window is also jammed open.

I’m going to have to call a handyman to fix them - if that can even be done, they’re 30 years old and this is Florida heat.

I would like the couple to pay for the handyman. How should I handle this? They admitted to damaging one window but then they damaged two and left quickly this morning, so I was suspicious as they’re in their 80s and in 8 days I’ve never seen them move this quickly -

After the current couple checks out, I may block a week or so to regroup. High season in Florida has been insane and the maintenance levels have been very high.

What kind of windows are they? Sliders, casement, double hung?

I’m not picturing Airbnb backing you up on 30 year old windows that are stuck. They should operate properly and this sounds like a maintenance issue. Like someone told me about my AC cover: if you don’t want anyone using the windows put a sign on them saying they don’t open.


They’re single hung on a sash that opens the bottom half up. They’ve been well maintained (I inherited the house from my parents, who had it built).

But you’re correct - I’ll have to say windows don’t open. In the meantime, I’m going to look for silicon spray and if that doesn’t work, I’ll take the mechanism apart and put it back together.

They waited until I was distracted by a business call (I work from home) and they booked out like their tails were on fire. I’m wondering what they had hidden away in all their bags and boxes and pouches.

It is not the guests problem that the window got stuck. Windows either work or they do not.


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I wonder why? Stuck windows do not seem like a reason to avoid you. Why do you think they were avoiding you? Why did they pay more to stay somewhere else I wonder? Did something else happen during the stay?


Without seeing them it’s hard to say. They really could have done something they shouldn’t have but to have 80 year olds go from doddering to ninja just because they can’t open the kind of windows found in half the building in the US seems…unseemly.

Today I found my bypass closet door was messed up. I have a lock on the door but it’s at the bottom near the floor. So if someone tries to force it open then a couple of things can happen. Luckily I’m a little handy and still fairly strong and nimble for my age so I popped that sucker back on the track and done. I wish I could come by and take a look at your windows for you.

Let us know what you find out.

Even well maintained 30 year old windows can have problems. My rental windows are verticle rollouts.My condos were built in 1995 so 23 year old quirky windows. If something is stuck it is a combination wear & tear and age (assuming no one punched out the screen or took a crowbar to the window frame)