Guests asking to use address for work verification?

So here is the issue, I have been a host for over 3 years on another site which had completely different rules; quite frankly people could take the absolute mick and it was all cash in hand.

I started using airbnb at the beginning of this year because it was a much more safe way of hosting, you could see who these people are and have verifications before they book.

Now. The current issue I am facing is, I have a guest who arrived last night. He is a middle aged man from France, but he says he’s originally from Algeria.

He came, settled in and started telling me about his travels which was quite nice. Then he quickly went on to asking me to look at his CV, to amend it if need be. He has only booked for 12 days by the way if I didn’t mention.

He then this morning woke up, saw me leaving for work and decided that it would be the perfect time to ask me if I can help him look for jobs on gumtree and can he use my address for verification/authorisation. I am still confused at this point? He mentioned that he’d be planning to work here for the next couple of months and he needs to be in work by Friday.

I then went on to mention, that unless he has agreed with me to use my address he’d be going against my house rules. As guests have previously taken out phone contracts in my address and went back to their countries leaving the bills to pile up at my home.

I made it clear to him that if he plans to work here he needs to make sure he’s doing things the right way and ensure that he knows what he’s doing. I told him that I’d be back from work around 9pm tonight as I am doing overtime.

I need advice on what to do? Has anyone had similar issues?

Why do you think he’s attempting to work illegally ?

I don’t know which country you’re from but here in the U.K. Employers have to prove that workers have the required visas before offering international workers jobs or face very stiff fines. He could apply all he wanted but it still wouldn’t mean he got a job offer.

The other thing to bear in mind is he may have dual nationality which will affect his rights to work. For example he may have a French passport; that would entitle him to work anywhere in Europe for example.

I really just don’t think you know enough about his personal situation to say if he’s an illegal worker or not; all you can do is say he can’t use your address. If he really is an illegal worker there are enough fail safes in the system to catch him.

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Hi there Zandra,

I don’t want to accuse him, hence why I have said that it’s a potential case. He did mention that he worked all around Africa as a taxi driver. But when I mentioned to him that he couldn’t use my address he’d became very stand offish.

I just need advice on what to do. I am in the UK by the way. Now with the Brexit situation, isn’t it harder for guests to work here considering we no longer are linked through the EU.

I have had many other guests come to work on placements and internships and never had an issue. I just had a gut feeling of concern with him.

Kind regards

We’re still in the EU. Brexit has been voted on, but Brexit hasn’t happened and won’t do for a while. Assuming he has dual nationality he’s perfectly legal. If he’s not legal; tier 4 visa requirements will stop him in his tracks. No offence but it really worries me when people think Brexit has already happened and that we’re no longer EU members. :open_mouth:

You’re in the right not to allow him to use your address; I wouldn’t allow it either.


What exactly is the ‘issue’? I don’t see one, he is staying 12 days and then he is gone, end of story.


If the issue comes up again about using your address, just tell him that it is against AirBnb policy as well as your own house rules because of problems in the past.

LOTS of former Algerians living in France. What’s the problem. If he has a French passport he can certainly work in the UK because he can work anywhere in the EU. As Zandra mentioned, the Brexit vote only told your government that it was OK for them to arrange to leave – GB will be part of the EU for at least 1-2 years more…


I agree with other posters here.

I really don’t see what your problem is.

If he is legal to work, he can work, if not he will find it much harder because as an employer you need to verify someone’s eligibility to work.

The only issue is him using your address - just say know. If he is intending to stay here he most likely has family and friends here - he can ask them.

He sounds like a guy trying to make connections. Send him to the nearest PO box service and suggest he rent a box so he has an address to give.

His legal status is really none of your business, unless you’re the one employing him.

I definitely would not allow someone to use my address. That’s a huge step in someone showing legal residency at your location. Before you know, he’s been there for 30 days and you have to legally evict him through the courts. At least in some states…

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This is in the UK :slight_smile:

I will start my response with wow. I wasn’t trying to accuse him of being an illegal immigrant in any way; it is illegal to use an address that isn’t yours and that’s why I was getting at. Not any concerns on his citizenship. I just wanted him to do the right thing and not use my address.

I thought this forum was for advice and support? Not having a go at fellow hosts for asking questions.

Thanks anyway, especially those who gave me a solution. I appreciate the advice.