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Guests asking for late checkouts

I’m just having a bit of a vent and would like to know how you would have handled this. Late check out requests haven’t happened often but I’ve just had someone enquire on a short notice booking (tomorrow) if they can check out at 5PM (My checkout is 10 AM). I of course replied that would depend on if there were any same day bookings. The response came back, could I make a decision by noon today please! I replied:
Hi again
I’m sorry, I can’t know in advance if someone will book from Sunday. I would have to get the apartment cleaned and ready for handover that day. I do hope you understand, my listing has mostly back to back bookings. If you want to ensure a 7 hour later check out, I would be prepared to charge just an additional half day rather than entire day. Kind regards Glen
Would love to hear what you would have done. I guess it was the pushy attitude that got me, as though it was expected that it would be fine to check out SEVEN hours later.


I wouldn’t allow it myself. It’s already set at 11am and thats later than most of my competition.


If someone wants a guaranteed early check in, late check out when booking I charge them a nominal fee, usually $100. Not an excessive amount (compared to my rent) but enough that some people take their chances and wait. Others jump right on it. My normal check in, check out times are 3:00PM and 10:00AM. For guaranteed early, late, the times are reversed. If available, at last minute (unpaid), I allow early check in, late check out at 12:00 Noon. I am a remote host and I use an outside WiFi security cam to tell exactly when a group comes in and when they leave.


Glad/Glen – Your response to the pending guest is exactly what I do. If I don’t have a back to back and the request is do-able, I let the guest know that I am willing to allow their late checkout or early check-in with a fee of ($____). I also ask for half a night’s rate. I know it precludes getting a booking for the previous or next day, but sometimes, a-bird-in-hand. . .

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“Sorry, I can’t accommodate late check outs because it prevents me from renting the apartment that night. If you do wish to stay until 5pm you may book an additional night.”

What makes people think they are entitled to seven hours of free?


Oh you are so right! Just say no! It’s ok.

Absolutely! I’m too damn polite sometimes. It was the attitude that it was expected - and demanding me to make a decision by today noon!! Thanks @konacoconutz I’ll keep that one for future reference!


Definitely not open yourself up to such a thing. No matter how you phrase it they will likely count on it as you gave them the idea that it’s possible.

An hour or two is one thing - but to 5 pm?!


In the end they might still say that they need to stay until 7 for some reason and you didn’t allow them a 2 hour late check out even thought you have agreed to previously…

I don’t allow really early check in nor really late check out for the very reason of how this guest behaved. If I am feeling generous (and no back to back last minute) then guest can check in at 2:30 versus. 4 p.m. Or they can check out late till 1 p.m. vs. 11 a.m.

Some guests will view the fact that you even considered a 7 hr. late check out, as a signal that they can walk all over you. It seems this woman is that type of guest. She is rude to ask you to make a decision when you don’t even know if someone will book. She booked last minute, so not sure why she is disregarding your explanation of possible getting a same booking.

What is your time cut off for same day bookings? Mine is 10 a.m. on airbnb. But if you accept afternoon bookings or evening bookings, then I would not allow anyone to stay past check out time. I would just say “I tend to get many last minute same day bookings, so the place always has to be ready and prepared by such and such time.”


Good reply. I get requests for late check out all the time and I usually say no. I try to be flexible and accommodate guests as much as I can, but not at the cost of my business. Today I was able to allow some guests to stay until 2pm because there was one day in between bookings and no chance that it would be booked.

Luckily we have a local corner shop that does short term luggage storage, so it’s easy to tell guests that they can leave their bags around the corner and take the last few hours to sightsee.

If people tell me in advance that they need a late check out I either send them a special offer with a bump for the extra hours, or tell them -ok, i understand, but i can’t confirm a late checkout.

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She booked elsewhere in the end, I would have declined her anyway! Thanks for all your comments.

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