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Guests arrive 1,5 hours early and enter my home without me there!

First , these three guests from Boston who have booked a room in my home do not inform me at the latest, one day prior to arrival of a possible checkin time as requested in my listing.

Then, they write me the day of, apologize for not having messaged saying that they are having problems with their cell phones and ask if 8:30pm is good, to which I say great.

Finally, they arrive 1,5 hours early, and enter the house even though I am not there and their room is not ready. The other Airbnb guest from the other room let them in.

I am frustrated

You probably wouldn’t feel frustrated if their room had been ready; then the early arrival wouldn’t have mattered. But as it turned out you felt rushed to get things in order. I’m sure they didn’t mind waiting in the living area or even outside. You might not want to hear this, but sometimes we need to be flexible because most of the time guests really appreciate it.

Please let us know how things went.

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It is completely unacceptable and deserving of a bad review or at the least, a scolding.


Do you not lock the house?

But the room was NOT ready. ANd no, we dont need to be flexible if we dont want to.
These guests are just irresponsible, or they dont really get the whole concept of Airbnb. They dont get to act how they want, its not their house.
And most of the time guests do not appreciate it. I got the worst reviews from guests who i did the most favors.


Yes, and not only the guests arriving, but also the first guest that let them in.
He had no right to let strange people into your home.


As I said, the other Airbnb guest from the second room let them in.

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Hi J_Wang,
Thanks for your thoughts.
I am very flexible with guests when it comes to check in times. But I have to know when that is.

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I never thought that I would have to add this to my house rules : -Do not, under any circumstances let strangers into the house without my permission

I wish the bad reviews would reduce a guests ability to book accommodations. Another red flag is someone on AirBnB for a year or more and no reviews. That old saying “Can’t say anything nice, so say nothing at all” seems to be what the hosts are doing.

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I have to agree, sometimes people don’t appreciate your extra effort. But some do. I always wait until they show up to get a sense of how to interact with them and if I want to make that fabulous toast or offer them a ride to the free outdoor yoga class.

Also, I live on site and I only take one guest at a time. So the dynamic is a little different for hosts who offer an entire flat or a separate room.

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Unfortunately, I think you need that rule. I have a rule that guests may not have their own guests over. They still break it, but at least they are sneaky quiet instead of blatantly having a party.

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I also live on site and have two rooms listed in my home.

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This happened to me in the very beginning, and now I assume all guests will arrive promptly at check in time. I rent out a whole space, so this may be different for you - if you are having to leave work to clean right before you check guests in.

But once I had guests book through Booking.com, and they said they would be visiting the state park and not arriving until around 5 p.m. or so. At the time, my check in was 3 p.m…and I believe they pulled up at 3:15. The place was not ready…still had about 20 more minutes of stuff to do. So now, even if a guest tells me they won’t be arriving until evening…I try to always have the place ready by check in time just in case. I also now text about two and half hours before arrival to confirm they are still on schedule.

Your guests should have texted you in the afternoon to at least let you know they were very ahead of schedule. That was rude

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Oh, I slap my forehead every time someone says this! I joined airbnb in 2012 but never connected with the host in China to book the apartment. I forgot all about it until 2015 when I was traveling to visit my parents - stayed in a place in May, listed my house in June and am having a great time.

Thankfully my wonderful host in May of 2015 did not have the same attitude, because I’d never have started hosting!


I do this also - as soon as guests leave (when at all possible) we are stripping beds and prepping the room because

A - you never know when a guest will change plans without notifying you. In spite of what another host claimed ‘always works for her’ no amount of communicating to guests the need for them to communicate with me about arrival times and changes in plans guarantees anything. They may be in the wrong to show up 2 hours earlier than expected, but, if your room is ready anyway you’ll reduce your stress a ton.

B - you never know what’s going to happen in your life - cars break down, an unexpected emergency at work makes it impossible to leave early - you, or someone in the family, gets sick - etc.


In my case, most of the time, I can not prep the room as soon as guests have checked out because I am usually at work when most guests check out. So its at lunch time or break time for me or right after work if its an evening check in.

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I think it actually does. I’ve had a handful of guests like the ones you describe: long-time member but no reviews. Before I accept them I always ask the reason why they have no reviews. Some say their other half booked their Air stays, which is believable. I usually end up accepting them, especially if it’s a short stay.

However, after the last reviewless guy showed up I immediately knew why he had no reviews. He was a pig. And snarky. Usually being Canadian trumps (!) any doubts I may have, but this time it backfired.

Oh, I had one of those guest, and when she started banging on the door to be let out, she had locked herself in the bathroom, screaming and yelling. She decided not to stay, it must have been embarrassing acting like she did, after all it was her who did not know how to use the door nob. I am still laughing when I think of her.

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Although it probably lowers revenue, the best thing for me about Airbnb is the ability to block one night before and after stay for preparation time (so one guest can’t leave and new ones arrive on the same day)… I work full-time and live alone, can’t stress myself out about when I’ll get a chance to wash the sheets and clean the rooms!

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