Guest won't take No for an answer!

So it’s now the third time that La Stupida has sent the same request and the third time I have declined it. Declined because: it’s a studio with one queen-sized bed for two people and she is looking for somewhere for two adults and three children, I have explained that, no, I don’t have a slaapbank (Dutch? Mattress?) that the small children can sleep on and in addition that we only accept children over 8 years old who are competent swimmers.

So this is the third time she (just realised that I am making assumptions here, it could be El Stupido) has made the same enquiry for two adults and three children - though no mention of a slaapbank this time. So I’ve declined a third time and got the usual gentle finger-wagging reproof from Airbnb …

Apart from the fact that life’s too short for this kind of tiresome game, I’m concerned that this is 3 declines in a row and ABB will look on it as three separate declines rather than the fact that they are all to the same person. Is this likely? If she sends a fourth enquiry do you think I should contact ABB?

Don’t decline the request and just copy/paste previous txt and let them hang.
Los Familia del Stupidos might wanna brush up on their reading skills


Why don’t you just block her, so she can’t send you a request to book again? @Malagachica


Can you not Block this person?


Now, why didn’t I think of that? Probably because I’ve had very few problem requests … 'tis done, Thank you!


Everyone talks about block them . I’ve never seen an option to anywhere?? Even after reporting them ect ect?

I haven’t been able to find the block function either.

@Malagachica I would call Airbnb already. The other technique is to block the dates they want. I’d also raise the prices. Then later unblock and readjust prices. Or just take a vacay of your own those dates.