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Guest with no transport

IA guest just informed me that he has no transport …we live in an area with very limited bus service and its a 40 minute walk to the nearest bus stop I don’t know how he plans on getting here … anyone else have guests without transport

Does he know that’s the situation with public transportation?
I described very detailed about what we have around. We have a bus stop within minutes from our house and smal local train, but with me having a car I really don’t know how to use buses.
I had few guests from Australia who had no car because of different driving sides, they used buses all the time, but it was up to them to figure out the route, and they did, very well actually.
But even they asked me to drive them to : train station, post office, local store. Though we have 8 restaurants within 2 min.walk they wanted to buy some groceries and I of course drove them. It was really not a big deal, they didnt ask me every day.
I hope you described your public transportation situation well, otherwise I would deffinitely let the guest know that you are so far from the bus.

I don’t think I mentioned any transport in my listings so maybe I should do that now …its never come up before

I just added this to all my listings
we are about a 40 minute walk from a limited bus service so you will need a car to get around


Just want to add that when a guest doesn’t have a car he will hangout in a house much more than a guest with a car. Also be prepared to be asked to drive them. I had 3 guests without a car and all of them asked me to drive them places. Sometimes you can’t even say no, because one girl told me she has no money left and I had to drive her to cash checking facility. One woman got sick and I drove her to pharmacy to get her meds. I mean, I could have said No, but in a situation like that it’s kindof difficult to do.

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the guest is bringing students to the local university and he said he couldn’t afford a car he is a principal in a school in hong kong I was just not sure how he thought how was going to get back and forth from the campus every day I did say I would picjk him up at the bus stop …its airbnb not airbnb and transport too

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Hi Carol,

Is Uber active in your area? We have suggested Uber to guests who don’t have a car as we live in Los Angeles where public transportation is inefficient at best.

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Consider your auto insurance policy - they will not cover you if you are in an accident and they somehow figure out you are picking up a guest - they could construe that as business use of the vehicle.

It’s good that you added the information to your description but it is incumbent on the guest to make sure his or her transportation issues are resolved. It’s not your responsibility WHATSOEVER to pick them up and take them places, unless you want to do unpaid work. If you don’t mind working for free, and even putting out money for free, by all means, drive them around!

If my guests find themselves without a car during a sold out time period here, I am sympathetic but DO NOT go out of my way to help anymore. It’s their responsibility to plan their travel responsibly, not OURS.

I think some of these guests think they are going to stay with Mom or Grandma. They will keep pushing you and pushing you. :slight_smile: Just say NO!


This guy is the principlal of a school in Hong Komg and can’t afford a car? Sorry Carol bit he is DEFINITELY taking you for a ride. Too cheap to pay for hire of a car, yes but he would be getting paid well and is easily able to recoup this minor expense. Don’t get sucked in to being a free taxi.

This is the 21st century. The guest can’t rent a car? Take a cab? I would explain that you are a 40 minute walk from limited public transport and he is responsible for his own transportation.

I have rejected a few inquiries as unsuitable, because they had the same problem – no transport, wanting public transport in an area with limited transport. I asked how they expected to get from the airport 30 minutes away.

I would find out if Lyft and Uber service your area for transport, and if Amazon Now, Grub Hub, Smoothhomedelivery and others are available for grocery, sundries and meal deliveries. Also, most moderate size grocery strores offer home delivery - many people don’t realize that. Then you can put together a little paper with the apps to download or phone numbers to call, and viola! You have offered your guests another service and they have no excuse!

Well, since the thread has been revived… What ever came of this situation?

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