Guest with limited verification or details

Hello all,

I got an instant booking today for a two night stay starting tomorrow. As per the ‘Guest Requirements’ the guest is required is required, among other things, to tell me the purpose of their trip. Their message simply said ‘hiya’ however. I responded to this message to offer further info and enquired about the purpose of their trip - 8 hours later there’s been no response.

Also, Airbnb doesn’t say the person has a confirmed email or phone number at all (it has for all other guests). Although these are contact options for the guest in the booking details. Government ID is listed as a verification but there is no profile photo (which is a requirement). Should I be worried about this?

I was going to send them a text message in the morning as a follow up in case they’ve not been able to access the initial Airbnb message. I do think contact is important and I’m wary without having had a conversation and not knowing what the person looks like. If I don’t get a reponse in good time I was minded to contact Airbnb for their view.

Does this sound like a reasonable approach?

Follow up with the guest. If you don’t feel comfortable with them you are free to cancel.

If they don’t respond with answers, and information, you like, I would cancel them! This kind of thing is why we will never use Instant Book.

Sounds like most of my guests. The lasts ones did say they were coming to the area to visit friends in the area, but never left the building. Not sure what that was all about.

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Maybe their friends cancelled on them last minute … who’s to know

Exactly, there were few other aspects that I thought were odd, I make general chit chat but do not push it, they were seemingly unwilling to mention where their friends lived, I did go out for a while and made a mental note of exactly where the car was parked, was not moved.

Vast majority of my Guests are normal but there is always the odd case. Not really any of my business of course but you can not help wonder.

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I have this morning sent them a text message to their listed mobile/cell and also a prompt via Airbnb requesting a response to my questions. I will give it a couple of hours before thinking of cancelling or contacting Airbnb.

A small update… I Googled the listed phone number on the off chance and it is connected to a business page on Facebook. The owner of that business and page has the same name as the booked guest. My city is also listed as one of the places they offer their services. That’s given me some comfort. I haven’t had a response from the guest hey though and I would like that.

The guest made contact not long after my message and I have the information requested. Still no photo though but I’m less concerned about this (I know what they look like from their Facebook pages).

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