Guest who lives in area with 80+ local stays in last year?

I have a guest coming next week who is “local” (about 30 minutes away), and they have SO MANY reviews, all positive. It looks like since last fall they have stayed in Airbnbs 80+ times, all in the metro area, but all over the place. Their reason is “in town for business”. Without revealing too much, they have a solid profession (that could, sort of, justify multi-day trips within Los Angeles) and a web presence that looks trustworthy. But 80 stays in a year!? (Unfortunately this guest never leaves reviews for the hosts, which does a disservice to the hosts - I will make sure I ask for a review).

I don’t feel worried about hosting them, but I guess curious. Maybe I should just ask, even though I accepted already? I almost kind of wonder if they ALSO are a host and need to get out of their own space a ton of the time. Can I see if they are a host, too?


You can click on their picture and it will show you if he has listings.
Who knows what the story is but I’d he has so many good reviews I wouldn’t worry

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Maybe it 's a high class escort. Is it just for one night?

Unlikely, since I have a shared space, it’s 4 nights, and the guest is a woman. :slight_smile:

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I think that could be the answer. If she is renting out her place for $150 a night and spending $50 a night to stay elsewhere, that’s a nice profit :slight_smile:

Or she is just a businesswoman. One of my ex-bosses travels back and forth between Melbourne and Sydney every single week. He’s in Sydney for Mondays - Wed, and then travels back to Melbourne Thursdays - Sunday. He always stays in a hotel, but don’t see why he can’t stay in an airbnb.

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80 plus positive reviews, could be santa clause for all i care.