Guest who is checking in later asked me for address

Is there a reason a guest would not be able to see my address after I have confirmed a reservation? A guest who is checking in later today asked me to send her the address via the Air bnb app. She said she can’t look it up in the app right now - but if she is in the app to send me a message, can’t she also find the address? I don’t mind telling her the address (she obviously will need it) but is there any reason to be concerned?

It’s possible that she doesn’t know where to look for it I guess. Some people don’t know how to use the app or aren’t tech savvy in general.

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I’m not sure what the guest has easy access to but my last guest did the same thing. “Ok I’m booked. Please send me the address”. You are not alone with this question

Some people are just lazy too and want everything spelled out for them instead of trying to look for the information.


Tell them to look in the Itinerary which they get as soon as they booking is confirmed. We get the occasional lazy guest too.

My standard message to an incoming guest is
“I will meet you at - address - to do the walk through and make sure you are comfortable, please call - mobile- when you are getting close”

I am not hanging around fluffing cushions or pulling weeds and wasting my time, but I am a 2 minute drive away. When they respond - then they get the wifi password.

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I had that as well this week when they were 30 mins away. I though WTF who would go away without taking the address? Also asked for the wifi password when we don’t offer wifi. Back to people don’t read.

Yes, I get it from time to time. So I give them the address. No big deal.

I get this on occasion as well. I am a mean old lady, I tell them “you should’ve gotten the address when your booking was confirmed”. I have not heard back from any of them yet after I said that. ;o) I guess they don’t want to look tech stupid in front of an “old” person. LOL

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Thanks everyone! It turns out she was just being lazy. I merely provided her the address and she showed up matching her avatar photo. My concern is that she booked for a third party and it was that person contacting me for the address lol. Either way it worked out. I appreciate everyone’s insights.


We get this from time to time, as well. I created a saved message with our address, phone, and how to locate the pertinent details in their itinerary. I send that if they ask, while thinking I might be educating a guest to make a future host’s life easier. We get a lot of first-timers, so we try to cut them some slack. Of course, I must say that my devilish side likes @AvaH 's suggestion, too. :wink:

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