Guest who continues to bring in unauthorized help requested

Thanx in advance for any feedback to better write this review that I believe I must leave tomorrow. Note that this guy originally inquired about my room for rent at $22/night and asked if I would waive the $20/night fee for his wife since they were in their 40s and clean. I told him no and informed him that not only was I the cheapest around for one person but still a best value for two. A couple weeks later he booked for 6 nights for he and his wife. He was a bit high maintenance with the questions and directions before he arrived (and then he didn’t even follow the directions, which was especially frustrating because he ended up coming much much later than he had arranged). Then when he arrived his son walked in with him and the guy told me hat he was going to visit at the house since e didn’t want to bother anyone at his sons house until 2am. I told him that not only was his son not authorized in the house (unregistered/unpaid guests prohibited is on my house rules) but reminded him I was going straight to bed since it was so late. I rarely saw them as they would wake up after I went to work and would come in around 2am each night.

Mike and his wife Christine were very nice and quiet guests. They arrived late with their son and I had to remind him of the House Rules of no unregistered/unpaid guests and request he not stay and visit as I had previously informed Mike that I was heading to bed after giving them the abbreviated late night tour. The next morning his son and son’s wife showed up and he brought them in to my house, without asking or even informing me, again, against the House Rules. I would recommend them to Airbnb hosts who are ok with unregistered guests. I would still have them back (with written confirmation that they won’t bring unauthorized guests in my home) as they were friendly and very quiet and were usually sleeping when I left in the morning and I was usually sleeping when they came back. Mike made a safety recommendation about the shower curtain and I was happy to make the change right away as he was quite right!

That’s a strange review. You think guests who disrespected your house rules are “nice”?

Also, the second para is your proposed/draft review, right? You might want to make that clearer.

This is a bit ambiguous. The point, again, seems to me that he disregarded your rules. Unless I’m missing something.

since you state in the review ‘I would have them back anytime’ why on earth are you complaining your house rules were broken ?!

first we have friends who broke house rules, now we have a guest who broke house rules but would be welcome back anytime. I’m starting to think you’re pulling my leg if I’m honest …


Nice as far as personalities.

Thanx I separated it out more and added a divider to make it more clear.

Yes, I think he would be a good guest for a host that doesn’t restrict unauthorized guests as I do. Overall not a bad guest, just wasn’t a perfect match for me.

Good point! I would have them back (even though they broke the rules as they were rarely there when I was and didn’t cause me much extra work and in the end there was no harm done in their breaking of the rules). However, they would need to send me a message on Airbnb that they would NOT bring anyone that wasn’t authorized and that I would be able to get the name and take a picture of anyone they brought against the rules and that they ALL would vacate the property within 30 minutes, forfeiting the remainder of their payment. That way I could have proof and more importantly it would hopefully just ensure that they DIDNT do it. I guess I should change that line from anytime to with written confirmation that they won’t bring unauthorized guests in my home. Thanx for pointing that out!

I assure you, I am not pulling your leg. I actually sent a review about another in between these two that was a good guest except for using my pull in / back out driveway as the start of a circle driveway and continually drove on my lawn! I really need to get paid more for the majority of my guests. I am very thankful for he handful that are perfect…and I GUSH on them in their reviews. Hose are so much more fun to write.

No…just no! I am so confused.

Please clarify for me. This guest booked for 6 nights for he and his wife. Correct?

Guests show with their adult son and you tell them he is not allowed be on the property. Correct?

Then what happened? - did the father acknowledge this and agree? After agreeing he invites the son over anyway the following morning? How did you know they were there? did you say anything else? did they do this every day?

Don’t do this to your supposed nice guest. Either slam him or don’t. You can’t have it both ways. If you would really have him back, then simply write:

Mike and his wife were nice guests who even helped with some maintenance issues. Recommend.

Then leave the part about the unregistered guests in the private feedback. If he ever enquires again, be really clear about that.

If you would not have him back, write something more scathing.

Unfortuantely Mike and his wife were not a good fit. They were pushy about bringing unregistered guests even when I asked them not to. Can’t recommend.

Then no one will ever rent to him again. Think about if that is really something you want for your “nice” guests.


Correct. 6 nights for he and his wife.

Correct. Adult son shows (drove them from airport) I tell dad son is not allowed.

His response was about not wanting to bother anyone in his sons house staying up so late. I reminddd him that I was going to bed and didn’t want to be disturbed here either.
Following morning his son (and son’s wife) show up to pick them up, but come in and look around and have a conversation. I know because I could see them at the car and hear them in the kitchen, dining room and living room.
I didn’t say anything because I was getting showered and dressed for work. They were gone before I got done and then we were generally passing at times of sleep for one or the other.
They didn’t do it again as they then rented a car.

sorry, but passive agressive host reviews are unacceptable. And when someone breaks a rule and brings people in like that needs to be exposed for other hosts. If this couple (at $22 a night!!!) was doing this to you, they will do it to others. Why not warn?

As a host, i look at reviews of guests. If the first line could simply contain the info i need to make my decision, then i am happy. So many hosts seem to be afraid to be honest. All they will be doing is pushing this guest on others. I guess i am asking why hosts are afraid to be accurate in their review?

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Lol. That gushing review where you complained that they were using your lawn as a pull in? Newsflash, that’s not a gushing review that’s a sh*t sandwich. You can be sure I wouldn’t be paying you for a review like that either.

Decide. Totally agree with Kona. Either you like them and you’re happy or you were not happy. But this habit you seem to have of slipping in a few complaints about ‘good guests’ is frankly confusing. If a guest wrote reviews like you do I would be pulling my hair out in frustration.

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Yes, Robert. They continued to break my House rule and had people unknown to me in my home.

I honestly would not follow the same path you did about he sauce…I would not be so wasteful…I’d give it to someone who did like it. Hey, that’s sort of like recommending them to a host who doesn’t mind others they have no knowledge of comin and going in their home.

Actually the son does not live in the neighborhood…about 10-15 minutes away. The did inconvenience me because they were not only late but gave me anxiety about having unknowns in my home even after I told them not to (which is disrespectful - I guess maybe I should not have them back). It was not just the son.

Great points. I definitely won’t be able to use the first. The second is closer (especially after frying everyone’s feedback so far). I guess my issue now is that I had told them that I would have them back if they wanted. I guess I can change my mind but then I don’t feel good about that. My word is my bond. Although I dont recommend them to Hosts that don’t accept others I feel that after a review about them doing it that if they did come back (likely since the son just got stationed here) that they could end up being the perfect guests…steep learning curve though.

Hmm…I’m torn here. Thanx so much for your point of view.

Rolf, it ended up being $44/night because I charge $20/night for each guest over the first.

I agree with your post completely which it seems I sometimes end up too honest in my reviews (including only facts) and many hosts think it shows poorly on me. It is why I often come to the forum for advice. Y’all have no skin in the game and can be more objective. Keep it coming! And thanx!

But they didn’t have guests over! Sorry but the two instances you describe don’t count as having unauthorised guests.

Situation a) son was dropping them off and didn’t stay long
Situation b) son and wife was picking them up and in the time it took you to have your shower they had all left.


The review about driving in my lawn was NOT one of the gushing reviews, obviously!

Well if that review caused you not to book my whole house for $25/night then I would be glad you didn’t come. If you can’t respect my property then please go elsewhere.

Ian torn because I was not happy but I think with proper review they could be great in the future. Let people walk on you once and they think they can walk on anyone…and they often do.

Saying a generally good guest had issues is being honest. People are not cut and dry good or bad Guests. Frustrating for me about bringing unauthorized people means absolutely nothing to someone who allows them…except maybe that they know the guest is willing to not Ande by rules they don’t like or agree with. Maybe another Hosts makes a guest take out trash but I don’t. If someone said that a guest didn’t do it when it was in the rules I wouldn’t know that I need to ensure that the guest CONFIRMS they will follow all of MY rules…and base my bringing it up on the review about he trash. I could even make it positive my saying that I do not require taking out the trash!

I will not as there are now people that I do not know (and don’t even know their names) have been inside my home without my permission, actually, against my will.

I can forgive for the son on arrival, except that I had to tell the dad that the son was not allowed to stay and visit until 2am.

The wife and son beinb in my house after that are definitely against the policy, especially when I had already old him less than 12 hours prior that no unpaid guest are allowed.

@Zandra. Here’s the mention of the rules they broke that directly indicate that these were not acceptable:

Unlimited access for registered and paid Guests to front and back doors as well as your private bedroom and your…

For the comfort and security of our Guests, residents and owners, no unregistered and/or unpaid guests are permitted on the property. First and last names of all Guests must be provided prior to check-in, this includes if you have any get-togethers at the property or visitors to the property.

Well obviously you feel the guy was disrespectful and it pissed you off that he still allowed the son and his wife inside. So here is my review version. Use or discard what you wish:

“I was disappointed that XXXXX disregarded the house rules that he had agreed to at the time of booking. My house rules state that no visitors are allowed. Yet upon arrival XXXXX informed me that his son would be visiting until 2 a.m., as he didn’t want to disturb the people at his son’s house that late at night. I reminded him that no visitors are allowed inside. Igorning my request, the following morning XXXXX invited his son and wife inside and showed them around my home.”

I don’t know how you can leave a negative review when you say you want to stay true to your word and you said they could come back anytime. Good luck!

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WTF?? Are visitors allowed or not? Do you see any contradictions at all in your house rules?