Guest who caused over £1000 damage a year ago wants review removed

Hello Elves, and, first of all, Merry Christmas!

Quick one. Partly for advice and partly for your entertainment.
Last Christmas I had to ask a guest to leave on Christmas Day after complaints from the neighbours and the discovery of considerable damage to our home.
Read more here from the original post: “Whichever is soonest”; rigid not-so-small print. Airbnb doesn’t ‘do’ Christmas cheer

It was all sorted, but my word what a game of cat and mouse. Surprisingly, the guest has got back in touch now telling me that he had been in a fight and was threatened with a weapon by his mate which apparently was why there was glass everywhere, and I presume is his excuse for putting our nativity set on the fire along with a chair. It’s ridiculous, I know.
But as I said, all sorted and we had put it all to bed. Now the guest has got in touch to ask if I can take the review down. His one and only review. The review states the facts, that at the time of posting he had not paid and advice not to let him into your home.
I won’t go on with all the glossy detail regarding his conduct and character. He never took responsibility and tried to suggest we pay for the balance of his stay that he heading been able to enjoy. He seemed impervious to the fact we couldn’t have a man in our home who had literally almost burnt it down.
Stop, stop. I’m going on.

Anyway - what are your thoughts? As far as I’ve been able to find out I can’t take this review down even if I wanted to.

Why would you want to take it down? Reviews help other hosts decide if they want guests in their property.



well, he’s just getting more and more bellendy, ain’t he? Don’t even consider it, don’t even reply, maybe even block him if possible. we all need that review to stay up!


I would tell him that if I removed the review, it would only be to replace it with photos of the damaged caused. Pictures speak louder the words. Then I would block him so he can’t continue to communicate with me. I would also call AirBnb and ask that they block him from the platform.


Call AirBnB have him blocked.


BLOCK! Block! Block!


Wow, how brazen! Yes, it’s entertaining to laugh at the message but I hope you haven’t even replied once to crazy, cuz that’s what it is, craaaaaazy. I hope you haven’t even engaged at all and done as everyone said, blocked them.

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No, you can’t remove a review and in 99% of cases Airbnb won’t either. No doubt he’s trying to book another home for a holiday bash and no one will rent to him after seeing his review. I’d report him to Airbnb in addition to blocking him. You may have to call Airbnb in order to get him blocked anyway as some people seem not to have the blocking option.


I don’t want to take it down. It’s an accurate swipe at someone who gave us a lot of distress. I suppose I’m interested in how others would respond

Goodness, you do have it all sorted out but it’s not as if he made it easy for you. A gentleman? I think not. Block him.

There are detailed instructions here on the forum about how to block someone. Do it. And don’t reply.


You can remove any of your reviews at any time. Just has to call CS. I removed my review that I wrote 3 years ago. I was a guest back then. My review was accurate but the host could easily fix the issue for future guests.

I’m not suggesting to remove your this review as nobody wants this guest in their home, yet, in theory, you can do that at any time if you want.

Technically you can’t do it, you can only ask Airbnb to do it and whether the CSR you get will do it or not seems arbitrary.


This is exactly the kind if situation hosts need to be warned about. I am surprised he is still on platform

I thought neither host nor guest could remove a published review? I had a guest who had a member of her party smoke in the non-smoking house; I mentioned it in the review, she begged me to remove it. I told her I was not able to and she reported she called AirBnB CS and they confirmed that.

Thanks @summerfun I’ll leave it up there as a warning to him and others who may be tempted to take a booking.

It’s odd. There are plenty of ways to book places to stay other than air, so not sure it’s just this. I think he is annoyed by the slur to his name, though can’t see how anyone but hosts would know about it.

I get that it’s frustrating for getting a mention on your profile for someone else’s behaviour but at the end of the day the person booking should accept that responsibility for friends in the party lies with them, not the host. We’ve had the same thing. Always with smokers too!

No. Everyone is echoing my conscience back to me. Do not engage. He is a narcissist and destructive individual. No apologies only excuses.

Sage advice as always sir