Guest welcome note generator

Hi fellow hosts,

First time poster here :slight_smile:

Like everyone, I want my guest to have a lovely time when they stay with me in London. To get their stay with me off to the right start I always leave a welcome note outlining wifi code, house heating, emergency contacts and any little tips I think are necessary for staying in my flat.

I thought I would create a tool for other hosts to simply generate their own welcome note in the style of Airbnb (colours, icons)

What do you guys think, would you use it?

I’ve added a link below to a mock up of how it will look.

Airbnb welcome note image



Looks good I will def use it, any further instruction to use ?

yeah I like it too! I currently use magnets on the fridge that one can write on - it’s cool because some guests leave doodles on it, but yours is a lot more chic.

I like this a lot because it looks ‘official’ and helps guests get the idea that this is a business and not a flop-house. ; )

How flexible is it? Can we change any of the icons?

@curtismoran I like it as well - how do we go about creating one?

@curtismoran Hey Curtis, this looks really cool! I wonder if you’ve seen what we have done at Pearlshare?

We’re looking to make a few tools to help other hosts, just like this - do you have the technical knowledge to put this together, or would you like a hand?

Hi everyone,

Thanks for getting back to me, its great to see that people would use it. Now the important question…

Would you pay for it?

How much would you pay?

Would you like the option to just buy the PDF download? and/or would you like the option to purchase a quality print and have it posted to you?

Feedback is greatly appreciated.

LOL-- i was waiting for that!

No, personally, I would not pay for this. But you may be able to get ad revenue if you have a ton of people coming to your site to upload their photo, info, for free.

Thanks for you insight Chicago, perhaps there is an advert play. :smile:

@curtismoran lol no I wouldn’t pay

Hi Kristy,

Ok so you like the idea, but wouldn’t see yourself paying anything for it, even if it was priced between $1-5?

Its easy for me to create the tool (just my time), but the monthly operational costs would need to be covered…so thats why I am trying to figure out if there is away of covering that.

Theres no point building it otherwise. Thanks for your feedback

Hi Dc, some of the other posters here like the idea, but can’t see themselves paying for it.
Do you feel the same, or would you be willing to pay between $5 - $10.


Honestly, no I woldn’t as I don’t think it make much of a difference to my Air

Thanks Kirsty. Looking like I wont build it now