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Guest wants to modify long term stay

I have a guest booked for a 2 month stay. I gave her a “special offer”. She wants to modify the reservation to arrive 2 days later and leave 2 days later. If she modifies the reservation from her end, what happens? Does the airbnb website give me the option to keep the pricing exactly the same? Or does it automatically re-book at whatever the nights add up to normally?

I have always done the modification myself. If you modify only the dates it will use the prices you set for those dates.
Then Airbnb will send the guest an email to accept or decline the changes.

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Can you modify the dates and the total price? I want to give her the same promised price.

I haven’t done it often in the past. I’m sure you can modify the dates, but I believe you can modify the total price. If you get to that point and it will only take whatever amounts you had set for those dates, back out, go into your calendar and change the amounts to what you want, then go back to change reservation, and change the dates. Then the change will be sent to your guest for approval.

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Hi yes you can change dates and price to a booking. I think the option is called change of booking or something similar. Cancel booking was another button , this is at the same space. It is in the view for which booking messages and information about them can be seen. I did it a few days ago with my current guests , but I´m terrible at explaining how to. The guest will get a notification and has to approve the change. When they have confirmed it´s done with new price and dates.

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I have adjusted this and I believe Airbnb prorates the change, so your guest gets the same rate for the added days, which is usually a great deal for them!

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