Guest wants to checkin at 11;30pm

Guest wants to checkin at 11;30pm

1100$ booking…

  1. tell them to get a hotel

  2. go dancing have fun leave and pick them up

  3. go to sleep wake u[p when they caLL

They have been in contact and are trying to get here. No self check in!!
See below for update.

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I’m really confused.


mmm, I appreciate that @gypsy is trying not to waffle but, a little more info would help us understand what has happened. If it’s just a /rant, we hear you.


3 if you really need to get that extra sleep. I would bend for an $1100 booking


Why not?



Is it a home share or a whole house listing? If it’s the latter than I would suggest self check in. I have a whole house rental and it’s been self check in for the past five years and never had an issue.

If it’s a home share, than I would go to bed early and wake up when they call since it’s $1,100.


I had to wake up around 3am to check my guests in yesterday. Their flight delayed from 11pm to 3am. They text me when they landed at 3am and finally got them in around 4:30am. This was a rare situation. I wouldn’t want to leave them hung especially in the cold night. Just my personal opinion.


Have you accepted this booking or is it a request?

For $1,100 I’d go to sleep in the living room and wake up when they knocked on the door. After all, flights get delayed and guests find fun things to do and don’t understand we’re not fully-staffed hotels with night crews. Educate them on the difference between an ABB and a hotel.

I’m assuming, based on your location, that it is a trek from your place to wherever they’re going dancing so they can’t check in, head out, and you can get an early night?

  1. All day every day. Money in your pocket and good will starting out their stay.

Sorry, I wrote this last night in a :crazy_face: frame of mind, I just couldn’t believe it!!! I was thinking out my options and went with #2. I went to a nearby bar and danced a few, then they closed so I came back home. I still had to wait but at least we both arrived at meet address at the same time!!! A 1st:)

2 girls planned their cross country trip badly. They had to drive from New Mexico to Los Angeles and got a late start yesterday. Finally at 5:30 they said 10:30 arrival, then it changed to 11:30. One of them has a seminar today and tomorrow and the other one is here alone with no vehicle and her young F Malinois SERVICE DOG. The one here has also responded to me as a B%^$##H, when I reached out this morning…

I gave the booking girl a piece of my mind… “gee THANK YOU so much for telling me in advance about your dog. We are a no pets listing and … hosts really appreciate a heads up about situations involving guests and dogs.” This booking was made at Christmas 2022. They had plenty of time to let me know about their travel with this animal. They left FL a week ago.

Our listing will always be no self check-in, for various reasons including gate with code, long windy confusing road with no GPS access and other things…
Tiny Tiki Retro Hideaway is the name. I meet guests 1 mile away at a small market.

I am going to be livid if there is any damage or dirt. Or wet dog smell. Or a problem causing my dogs distress.

We did have a good experience with a Service dog a few weeks ago, so I hope they are good guests.


@Rolf @Ritz3 Not all listings lend themselves to self-check in, regardless of whether they are entire places or homeshares. Mine certainly wouldn’t work as self-check-in.


yeah, be prepped for that. you might want to offer them a few old towels and blanket for the dog, it doesn’t sound like they are organised enough to have thought of that themselves. I actually message my guests, on rainy days, to remind them there are a few old towels they can put down to catch muddy paws.


From what I can tell, they did not leave any damage or mess unless there is a nasty actually in the bed… its possible and hopeful that their animal was in their vehicle some of the time. It rained real bad here during their stay.

I was so freaked out that night and I admit now that I was shocked and rude. The girl dog owner was slightly rude to me the next day when I wrote good morning and sent the dog info that I’d put on the Air message. All in all they were quiet and respectful, just bad at communicating.


I wouldn’t exactly call them respectful- they brought a dog to a no pets listing, right?


An owner of a service dog does not legally have to tell the host about their dog. Yes, our listing is no pets.

See my comment above, I gave them a very heated piece of my mind upon their arrival on the subject of their SA. I also left them a long private note about it. And I “will not host again”.

Reviewed by both at 5 stars…


Oh, I misunderstood. I thought you figured it was bogusly being called a service dog.

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I didn’t ask the questions you are allowed to ask. I think it was real. I know that they took it when they went to spend the day at Disneyland, but it hopefully it could have stayed in their car for that , and they clearly did not stay there until the night-time parades … There really is no sign of it being here.
So now, we have had 3 service dogs and 2 good experiences with them. The first one also stayed in the car a lot, but they brushed it and flushed the dog-fur into our sensitive plumbing.
We do not advertise as “pet free” but if potential guests read the listing its pretty clear I would like to be notified before the booking goes through, and the reasons why especially a small dog could be in danger.