Guest wants to check in a day early?

Hi everyone. I’m a new host so forgive me if this question has been asked but what is the best way to add on an extra day before for checking in. The lady said they will be arriving Saturday night instead of Sunday. She offered to give me cash but I feel like that is not safe. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

It’s so easy. Go to Your Reservations, find the particular reservation and on the right you’ll see some options such as
Print Confirmation
Change or Cancel
Report A Problem
Message History

Select Change or Cancel, and update the start date to the date earlier. Keep an eye out for the pricing to make sure that the pricing automatically updates. It doesn’t always automatically charge correctly so before you even start making a change just take a look at the current value (for example, $450 for three days) so you can see clearly when you add in the extra day the reservation total changes to $525 (for example). Once you hit “submit” the alteration request will go to the guest who will have to approve it.

I hope that helps!

@superhostnyc is correct.

I did have a problem recently because the guest booked before I added a cleaning fee. When I changed the reservation for an additional guest it picked up that cleaning fee so the extra charge was to high. So do carefully look over the change to be sure the amount is correct.

This guest did try to insist that we just handle it with cash. I’m like you; I’m not comfortable doing something under the table - I want it nice and clean and above-board. Don’t let them talk you into just handling it with cash. Stick to what feels right to you.

I did get it fixed by deleting the cleaning fee and starting over. All went fine.

Thank you so much for the help! Got it changed no problem. :slight_smile: