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Guest wants to cancel because we have memory foam mattresses


a guest just arrived and went up to her room she said the bed was too soft and that she was allergic to memory foam and couldn’t sleep here …I think she wasn’t happy with our place we have over 80 great reviews … I asked her if she wanted to cancel and find another place and she said yes and left
should I now be adding that we have memory foam ?? to my listings


You would have thought if she was really allergic that she would gave asked about the type of mattress prior to booking.


yeah I think she wanted out of the booking …but she still has not cancelled …she didn’t stay here last night


I think there was something else she didnt like. If firmness of a bed is so important to her and the allergy she would have asked you before booking. I never heard of such an allergy:)


No, it is not necessary to add memory foam to your listing unless you think it will help with bookings. You may want to add a caption to the photo, as there are many who prefer soft beds. If someone was allergic then they would have checked before the booking. And if they are very particular about the softness, then they would ask. I personally prefer the firmness of a massage table. I don’t think a mattress exists that is firm enough for me. However, when I travel I am not concerned about the mattress. As long as the bed and pillows are comfortable (no springs poking my back) - I am good.

As long as you didn’t tell her that you would refund then Airbnb will pay you out if she doesn’t complain within the first 24 hrs. She may leave some sort of negative review, but if you have 80 great reviews then it shouldn’t harm you at all. But just make sure you respond to her review within the time frame (I think it is 48 hrs.) so that future guests will know she didn’t even stay at the house. I would also say in the review that you thought it was odd that she didn’t ask about the bed if she was allergic.


Hi Carol,

First of all, doesn’t Airbnb have a policy that you may not leave a review if you haven’t stayed at the listing? If I am correct you are safe from negative reviews.

I do think it would be a good idea to state in your listing that the bed has memory foam (even though very few potential guests read the listing). I say this because I dislike memory foam. When I tried to sleep in it I was way too hot.I would avoid staying in a place that had memory foam on the bed. On the other hand, a lot of people love memory foam and would consider it a perk and might choose your place partly because of the memory foam.


hi Ellen she was an older lady probably early 60s … she has not cancelled her reservation so I suppose she can leave a review …we just changed out the mattress for the serta that we had on our own bed … we were going to buy ourselves a new memory foam … so it just brought the purchase a bit sooner than we had expected …I am going to her know and see what happens


I just sent her a message telling her that her reservation was still active and that we had changed out the mattress she wants 50% refund … as she didn’t cancel and didn’t allow me to maybe get an instant book I think I will refuse the refund I have a feeling she will leave a bad review anyway


So,it was something else not the bed. She should be more responsible then and cancell, not just leave hoping you refund her money. Anyway, her behavour is weird. If you are so particular about something then ask ahead of time. I was teaching cooking classes years ago, and I had one lady who had allergies to nuts. And then she wanted a refund as she couldn’t taste anything. I said how do you come to cooking class having a severe allergy to nuts without even asking the question??.
I think it’s a good idea to answer her if she puts a review so others will knw she didn’t even stay.,you have so many good reviews, you have nothing to worry about


also she did a drive by early in the morning and sent me an email asking if it was me sitting on the porch …that was weird in itself


Yes indeed very strange


If she didn’t cancel, you get paid, and you don’t owe her anything. She took up your time and your booking and that money is yours.

Yes, it is all odd. But truthfully, I have a down allergy and I still forget to mention it when booking places. It just doesn’t cross my mind.


Yes you should put the detail you have a memory foam mattress in. I have friends who mock me for my detail, but then they have never had a guest show up where it clearly says, Down pillows and Down comforters, then says, I’m allergic to down! as though I’m supposed to cancel and refund his money. Instead, I was able to present a non-down comforter for him to use. The problem (and greatness) with AirBnB is that NO ONE WANTS TO READ ANYTHING. As hosts, we benefit from guest assumptions about us and our homes. AirBnB cannot enforce any regulation or house rule we put in our listing, anyway…we are just trusting the guests and the guests are just trusting us. The world churns on, and we all get a little more knowledgeable.


Definitely you should disclosure that you have a memory foam mattress. The allergy to it is real, plus it may help you with bookings as most people like it and are not allergic to it.


She is unlikely to leave a bad review, but people have a right to reject a place. I had a bad experience with a memory foam mattress once, which left me with a really bad nerve pain, because it had frozen my shoulder and so I probably wouldn’t stay on memory foam. If she is accepting a 50% cancellation, sounds reasonable. You should refund the money because you offered to refund it.


Money should be refunded only if the guest cancelled reservation, so the host could rent it out again the same day. She did not bother to cancell, so be it, no refund. You can of course mention your mattress in your listing that no one really reads anyway, but I think it’s a responsibility of a guest to ask these specific questions. It’s his/ her problem, not yours. Why should you feel even a bit responsible for having a certain mattress in your house.
Even of someone’s allergic to cats and you didnt say anything in your description, it’s mainly their responsibility inquire about it.
When I went to Ireland I ended up in a smokers house. Since I don’t smoke, honestly, it was pretty unbearable for me. I didnt blame the guy for smoking, it was my fault that I didnt ask. Now I know better to always ask if someone is smoking Inside the house. I asked the guy though if its possible to open windows before night to let fresh air in, and since then he tried to smoke outside as much as possible.

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