Guest wants to book my home for a bridal photo shoot

We have a private room listing in our custom home. In the three months we’ve been Airbnb hosts, we’ve already logged some interesting (read: strange) inquiries and requests. Most recently, a local woman wanted to book our home for an all-day photo shoot for a bridal publication. I explained that we are owner-occupants who only rent out a guest suite, and the regular room rate would not be adequate compensation. I told the woman that we’d be open to something like this for $500/day plus a security deposit, partly to dissuade her.

That said, how would you have handled such a request? We have a high-end home with a lot of expensive furnishings and accessories. I don’t think this was an unreasonable counter request, but the woman balked. Thoughts?


I would request more than that. I would ask for an Insurance Rider for an amount that would cover any damages with you as the beneficiary of that policy. I would confirm with an electrician [or based on your own knowledge] that you have enough electricity in the house to run all those lights, and require that they hire someone who you trust to be the manager of the house during their occupancy so that when they start moving furniture around, etc, there is someone there to make sure that it is done as you request [if you allow at all.] And I would charge enough to make it truly worth my while [i.e. a lot!]

If you agree to this idea, you need a start and end time. You would need a real contract, not the unenforceable one that AirBNB pretends to have. You would need to outline if they are allowed to have a catered meal during the photo shoot, and whether or not your house would be supplying cutlery and dishes. There is a reason that sites charge a fortune for this type of event.


Excellent feedback and suggestions, smtucker. My spidey sense was tingling to begin with, but I hadn’t even considered several of the issues you brought up.

I’ve had to book a studio for a shoot once and it was $300 for a 2 hour shoot. Cheapskate are everywhere.

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