Guest wanting to reschedule

I have someone booked to come in 3 days who just messaged me saying her family is sick. I thought I read on here somewhere that you all didn’t recommend rescheduling, just have them cancel? Or maybe I’ve gotten that mixed up with something else?
Is there a downside of letting them reschedule?

Yes, if they reschedule for the future, they will have a new 48 hr free cancellation window. Of course, some guests are honest and have no intention of doing this, but it’s also a known way some savvy guests trick hosts into being able to cancel for a full refund.

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It depends on your policy. Do you have a strict cancellation policy? Many guests will change dates so that they can cancel penalty free.

Ahhh I’m glad I asked! I have this one marked

If you like, you can tell them you don’t accept alterations, to cancel and that you will refund them beyond the terms of your cancellation policy for any dates you may be able to rebook on such short notice.


Uuugggghhh now I don’t know what to do :thinking: my business comes from college kids parents and those coming to college football games. If she’s telling the truth and I don’t reschedule I’ve lost a potential ongoing customer. But if I allow her to reschedule and then she backs out I’ve wasted a weekend of $$$ and possibly two weekends

Don’t concern yourself with losing one possibly repeat guest. For all you know, they aren’t sick at all, and maybe just got offered a free place to stay with friends or decided not to come.

There’s no point having a cancellation policy if you are going to waive it everytime a guest wants to cancel or alter dates. Of course, we might all make exceptions depending on the circumstances, (like some hosts have no problem filling dates last minute) but not just because of the main demographic we host.


I wouldn’t reschedule, and would make sure she can’t rebook later, that’s going to be a bad review if she comes on later date.

Having just had two kids in college for many, many years, there is not a campus in the U.S. that has enough places to stay. I wouldn’t worry about that, others will come.


So how do I respond to her? I’m sorry your family isn’t feeling well but I need to follow Airbnb’s cancellation policy. ?

So this means I still get the money, right? As long as SHE cancels, right?

I cannot reschedule and will be honoring the terms of the cancellation policy that we mutually agreed to in our contract.

If you don’t want she book again and you have IB they you have to block her also.


@balivilla What’s IB?

Instant book. …

“Oh my! How unfortunate. I do hope your family feels well soon.
I’m happy to send you any documentation you need to make a claim on your travel insurance.”


Ok I did it but I feel terrible :disappointed: I know it was the right thing to do bc I cannot get it booked for the game this weekend!
What if she doesn’t cancel and comes anyway and gives me a bad review?!? Uugghh my luck is sucking! She already messaged me back with a pretty snippy response :disappointed:

First of all, you worry too much. :wink:
Don’t waste your energy and head space worrying about things that haven’t happened and that you can’t do anything about. And don’t feel guilty about upholding your cancellation policy. If you are going to feel guilty every time this happens, you might as well change your policy to moderate. That’s one reason I chose a moderate policy- I didn’t want to deal with guests trying to guilt me out or get demanding if they cancelled less than 5 days before check-in.

If she comes anyway, that means she wasn’t too sick to travel, right? So then she’s a liar on top of being snippy and not being willing to accept the cancellation policy she agreed to when she booked.

If she doesn’t cancel, and comes anyway, and leaves a bad review in retaliation, that’s why we have the opportunity to leave a review response.

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As much as possible, try to treat this like a business, not a friendship. Airbnb guests can become friends but not until they have spent some time together.

I don’t know your market but are you sure no one will make a last minute trip?


Re maybe not getting booked for this weekend, try to keep things in perspective. You only started hosting recently- a few short months back you were saying it was too much work setting up an Airbnb and you weren’t sure you could do it. A few months back you didn’t have a listing yet and no Airbnb income. Now you do and have hosted several guests. One weekend without a booking, while the income is nice, isn’t the end of the world and likely doesn’t mean your fridge will be bare.

If it doesn’t get rebooked, use the time you would have spent preparing for guests doing something nice for yourself. Have a bubble bath, go for a hike in a beautiful place, play board games with your kids.

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Depends on when they cancel vav the arrival date. With a firm policy, you should get half of the reservation price.

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in the past year i’ve only had 1 guest do this trick, and i’ve had 3 others reschedule.

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