Guest want to sleep on sofa in living room

I have a private room only with a full size bed. All of that information is stated on my profile, for guest to read, prior to making a reservationl Guests are husband & wife thatt checked in last night, and slept in guest room, on the full size bed. Note, these guest are not particularly large or tall. This morning, husband requested to sleep on my sofa in the living room. He said his wife kicks & rolls about while trying to sleep and he wanted to sleep on the sofa in my living room. I told him I wasn’t confortable with that, but I would think it over and let him know later today. What are your thoughts on how to handle such a strange request?

Is the living room a “shared area” in the home? If so mayyyyybeee. In my homeshare, I have plenty of shared spaces but the living room isn’t one of them. For me it would be a hard NO.


How long are they booked for? If it’s only one more night, I might say yes, just to keep things copacetic.

But surely it isn’t some sudden surprise to him that his wife kicks and rolls about, making it hard to share a bed. So why did they book a place with a full size bed instead of looking for a listing with 2 singles or a king bed? Or a place with 2 bedrooms. If they are staying more than one more night, I would tactfully point this out to him.


If you do permit the husband to sleep on the sofa (somewhere there’s a joke in there), you need to have a set of sheets on the sofa so that body oils/sweat etc do not soil the sofa.

I suppose that doing so just one time wouldn’t be noticeable, but at the risk of stating the obvious I would require that (hopefully you have the extra set of sheets). None of the sofa’s pillows should be head or body pillows – just pillows to lie upon.

I assume that this is a sturdy sofa in case he himself is a restless sleeper.


How about buying an inflatable mattress and putting it on the floor in the bedroom next to the full size bed. This way his wife can’t kick him and you don’t lose your privacy by having him sleep on your sofa.


How about the guest buys one? :wink:


Letting someone sleep in your shared space means you give up control of it. If the husband goes to bed earlier than you or sleeps later, you’ll have to tiptoe around.


Hard NO from me - my living room is a shared space and I don’t want to tiptoe around a guest or have someone sleep on my sofa (except my friends who have to stay late after a party).

I have a King sized bed in my home share private bedroom. Many guests say they’ve booked with me because of the size of the bed - they’ve stayed in full sized ABBs and have been uncomfortable.

Is there room to upgrade to a Queen bed? Even if it makes the room a bit “tight?”

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They are staying until this coming Thursday!!

They are staying until Thursday.

In that case, I would say no. It’s pretty presumptuous for the guest to think it’s okay to sleep in your living room for a week.


The air mattress is a great idea, but I won’t be paying for it myself, because I’m running a business, at a flop house.


Perhaps a happy medium, softening the hard no, would be, “You sleeping on the couch for the next 6 nights would be an awkward and uncomfortable situation for me. I wouldn’t mind you buying an air mattress and putting it on the bedroom floor, though. I could go pick one up for you if you’d like.”

(Assuming you live nearby a place to buy one).


Here’s one for just $20 USD. I like Muddy’s idea of having the guest pay for it.


No. Their problem is not your problem. He knows how she sleeps, they booked what they booked.


Good point! I definitely would want to charge for “making up the couch” and having to wash another set of sheets, but maybe I’m jaded. LOL. (I’m actually nice, my guests love me I swear!)


Oh hell no! So weird…he doesn’t know his wife kicks in bed (???)


Yes, but it’s on Amazon… In out rural area, if I were to order on a Friday, I’d be lucky ( really lucky) to have it delivered by Wednesday! Sounds like this guy needs to hit Walmart!:dizzy_face:


That’s going to be a long week then. If they weren’t already there then I’d tell you to cancel them; however, since they’re already there it may be worth picking up a $20 air mattress to put on the floor in their room to avoid any drama.

Of course, it depends on what you’re willing to put up with, your priorities and how much money your time is worth.

They may just sulk loudly all week making you uncomfortable in your home. They may cancel and try to get a refund which will involve back and forth with Airbnb. Or they may be due a refund when canceling if you have a moderate or flexible cancelation policy which would be its own cost. They may leave a poor review or just no review at all which also has a cost. It sucks but ultimately I’d definitely spend $20 on an air mattress to avoid any of these things. I would let the math would guide me. The air mattress is the cheapest option.


… or at any number of brick-and-mortar stores; locally here even supermarkets sell camping equipment…