Guest Video Games Control System?

I currently have two of those Nintendo Classic systems in the Airbnb I host. They are very popular and it does bring more attention to my listing. Many guests have suggested that I add a full size game system.

A friend of mine just sold me his old Wii U and all of his games on the cheap. The problem is that I’m trying to figure out a way to monitor if a game goes missing.

The idea I’ve thought of is putting all of the game discs in a sleeve book and putting a tamper sticker on it. That way, when somebody plays, I’ll know to check the book for missing discs. It’s just not great because it seems unwelcoming.

Any ideas for a tasteful way to manage it without having to flip through the book after every guest?

Sorry I can’t help. All I can say is FVCK, I’m old, Wii is old? Wii is old? Sigh.


You could use a contact sensor. I have an iSmartalarm system and the contact sensors consist of just a base and a magnet. You could tape the base under a shelf and put the magnet in the sleeve book. If the sleeve book is moved, you’ll receive an alert. The magnet only has to be within 2cm of the base. This is how I monitor if doors and windows are opened.

Other than that, I’ve never seen a system that monitors individual CD’s that would be considered tasteful.


Wow! What an awesome solution! I happen to have one of those iSmart Alarm systems I don’t use.

I don’t really care about monitoring individual discs, I just want to know when one goes missing so it can be replaced.

You could put an old Xbox and use Xbox games pass. It’s a monthly subscription though. Would depend on your listing price ect ect. I have thought of it but held off atm

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I am also toying with something along those lines, I have my old Xbox 1 after I upgraded to an Xbox One X. I have some sort of retro games compendium disc that came with my original XBox 1 and am toying with connecting it to the TV in the guest lounge (but not to the wifi) so folk can have a play on a rainy day.

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Digital really would be the way to go for game systems. The issue is cost. digital games are almost always full price, vs physical games which go for 20-50% less with no ongoing costs.

I might change systems again if cloud gaming catches on.

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