Guest using towels for cleaning!

And here’s another. We eat turmeric-laden Indian food twice a week and use fabric napkins so quite often I have turmeric-y fabric to deal with.

Because they are coloured rather than white (I’d use a mild bleach solution if they were) I squirt the marks with hydrogen peroxide, then soak.

Works a treat, :slight_smile:


Some customers are very caring about cleanliness they are concerned to get clean things and try to leave clean but some customers think they just paid to use every thing badly and leave nasty


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We do have dozens of tea towels. Just replaced them all recently and bought about twenty new ones. This problem was not for lack of equipment in the kitchen, but for lack of duplicates items in the bedrooms, that may be of benefit since eating is allowed in rooms.

There have always been waste paper baskets in the bedrooms. But I have now supplied larger plastic flip top bins for food packaging, and I will ask guests from now on to empty food waste to the outside bins between cleaning days

Did noone ever ask you for a bin in their bedroom? Ocassionaly a guest hasn’t had one here as the cleaner hasn’t replaced it after emptying between guests. They usually ask.

I won’t be bothering with that!
The towel is actually a light grey.
Eating is allowed in rooms here so I need to focus on equipment and rules/ damage limitation!

Nope. It’s like 8 steps from the bedroom to the bathroom bin. My guests never have much garbage- they don’t eat in their rooms, so there isn’t any food or food wrapper garbage, and plastic, glass, metal, and cardboard get recycled.

I only have a small grocery-size shopping bag of garbage in a week myself.

we considered putting bins in the bedrooms, but that’s just a lot of extra work (and a waste of plastic) when as you say, if you walk 8 steps there’s a bin in the kitchen. I considered using the paper bags our groceries come in as bins, even if left it in the wardrobe of each room, a guest could open it up (they stand on their own once opened) and use that, but it does have the supermarket logo on it, and not sure if people would be pleased with my recycling efforts. Also, whilst I don’t have a rule about it, there’s no need to eat in the bedrooms at all and so far, no guest has. that is the bonus of 1-2 night stays, they don’t fully “make themselves at home” ha.

I get a lot of 2 week bookings, but guests share my kitchen and don’t really eat in their bedroom. Mentioning that doing so may mean they end up with roaches and ants in their room has a way of discouraging that behavior. :wink:


This is my strategy as well. My towels are cheap and expendable. I would like to provide lovely towels but my place is dog friendly, that’s not a good combination! I also supply beach towels and old “dog towels” which some people use to wipe dirty paws.

Here is what I buy: