Guest using breakfast bar as his office

So my guest complained that it was too hot in his room so I said he could use my breakfast bar.
However I thought it was just a one off now she seems to park his laptop there all the time.
He is almost using it like his own private desk.

I don’t like confrontation however I don’t want him sitting there he has paid for use of a room not my kitchen as an office!
How would you tell him?
He in a few days anyway so I could just put up with it.


You made a mistake to offer it at all so I would just tolerate it I guess unless you need to eat there and then you could ask him to move his things. What do others think?

Yup, he mistook your offer for permission to use it for his new space the rest of the trip.

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I don’t think it’s a mistake at all to offer a guest who is too hot a cooler space. If I were a guest and I was too hot I would ask about a cooler space. The host just needs find another cooler space for the guest to work and ask the guest to move. If a guest indicates to me that they are too hot or too cold I do whatever I can to make him/her more comfortable.

I didn’t mean to imply that it is a mistake to offer something only that is is a mistake if you do it and than don’t like the outcome. The reason doesn’t matter.

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He has gone up to his room now anyway. However I will be a bit more careful in future in what I say.
Thanks for your opinions. :slight_smile:

Paul is there a fan in his room?

No but I think I may get one I don’t want to see unreasonable.

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Ceiling fans if you have the jbox are great, quiet, energy efficient and do the job!

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Most every day of the year is temperate in Hawaii. However, last year we had an Unbearable summer…so hot and humid and rainy. It was the El Niño , which also brought 17 named storms near or over Hawaii during the hurricane season. (No direct hits). This prolonged weather misery also brought daily flash flooding off the mountains as well as a dengue fever outbreak which is now contained. It didn’t let up until November and then turned into a bad drought! Just total junk! Felt so sorry for anyone coming to Hawaii!

I did have guests during this hot summer time and even with a ceiling fan in my lower suite, conditions were hot. I brought down a box fan but other than that, I could do nothing. Everyone was hot! The entire island sweltered! Not normal for us!

Knock wood so far, there are NO named storms, and now we broke the record for the least amount of tropical storms affecting the Islands this year.

Things are still a bit warm but nothing like last year. There’s a cool onshore ocean breeze coming into my house right now… The temp is about 80 at elevation of 750 feet above sea level. :smile:

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I had it too, but the reason was that there was no desk in his room. They guy sat in our dining room for hours a day. We just started having dinner there every night, but he did not mind. At first it was awkward but then we all got used to it, and even had wine together some nights with him glued to his computer


Yana, you are a kick ~ you are so flexible to so many characters and situations. So entertaining!


Yes, this is where I’m growing as a person, too - trying to go from “this isn’t right!” to “OK, what’s this, and can we work around it”. Best part of being an airbnb host.

(But of course there are times when we don’t work around it - but if we can, we learn)


You don’t have to provide a desk or workspace unless you are a business host and if you say so in your listing. We have a large rec room downstairs so I offer that if guests need some “space”.


This is true… People renting one room should not expect to be upgraded to additional house use unless they are willing to fork out more.

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We have a saying in my language which translate into something like : if you live with wolves learn how to howl.
I am hosting, so kind of prepared to meet all kinds of people. Still a lot left to learn about human nature, and myself.