Guest turned off Internet to avoid additional guests detection

We have a ring door camera as well as two other outdoor cameras that are disclosed on our Air BNB page.

Our guests checked in and we noticed they brought a pet, which is fine as we allow pets with a fee. First red flag is they did not state they were bringing a pet. Second, within 30 minutes of them checking in the internet was turned off. We checked with our Internet carrier and it didn’t state any issues in the area. I asked them if they are experiencing internet issues and they said no that it wasn’t working when they arrived, which was a lie as all was working before they checked in, yet that they don’t mind as they don’t need Internet.

Upon their check out, the Internet goes right back on and all of our offline footage uploads and sure enough they had additional guests arrive. It doesn’t look like the additional guests stayed the night but they had a large gathering both nights of their stay. We would have been totally fine had they asked us but instead they completely turn off everything to avoid it.
How do we prevent further guests from turning off or changing the password to the internet which locks us out of the keyless door entry, cameras and function of our cabin?

A locked door between the guests and your router.


Our Airbnb suite is a guest suite inside our house. We have a wi-fi repeater – originally installed to provide reliable coverage to a far corner of the suite.

After installing it we realized the repeater presents as a separate wi-fi access node with a distinct name and password. Once we realized this we named the wi-fi node created by the repeater “Airbnb Guest” and that’s how they sign in. They do not even know the name of our other wi-fi node, which is the main router. This combination would allow you to put guest access on a repeater, and your remote infrastructure (lock, camera etc) speaking to the modem on a wi-fi local network that is inaccessible. You also need to lock up your modem.

None of this would stop a determined troublemaker from disconnecting the internet at the outside junction box, but they would be doing so on camera.


Well, you knew they were lying about the internet not working, so I would have gone over to find out what was going on (regardless of them saying they didn’t need it).

I hope you leave an honest review for these liars and scammers.


I would have gone to the listing as soon as the Internet (external cameras) went down.

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