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Guest taking photos of inside of your home

Happening here. Your thoughts pro and con?

FYI this is also a host staying, who is taking some pics.

Many of our guests take pictures of themselves with our dogs and sometimes with us. I am honored that they are enjoying their stay so much that they want photos.

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In this case, this was a person basically photoing the insides of my entryway, kitchen, etc. Not really personalized stuff.

Asian? I’ve seen lots of Asian folks taking photos of everything - but - that does sound very odd.

Ask them, not us! Maybe they were so impressed that they want to take your ideas home and incorporate them into their listing. Or, it could be the other way around…

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I found out she was photographing when my Nest cam covering my entrance area picked it up. I am unsure how to explain how i knew she was doing it.

Not asian.

A bright pink water picture and cup set, Tiki style. They thought that it went well with my mid 50’s house. People have left a little alcohol, but no one else drinks it. Brandy, and I just saw one airplane sized Chivas bottle. A lot of food gets left behind. I rent the whole house.

It’s 2016, people post several photos each day on Fb, Twitter, Insta or Snap. Photos of dishes, sneakers, flowers, cars, their butt or their abs.

I would find weird guests who DO NOT take pictures of their holiday rental.

My partner, who’s not Asian, always takes photos of the rentals or hotels we go to. He then puts a few as souvenirs in our holiday photo books.

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