I’m not hosting at the moment, calendar is closed, but I have some advice for you.
It comes from correspondence with a former guest who wrote yesterday to say he would like to stay again.
I can’t do any guest at the moment, and I never was enchanted with this one. His two stays (IB) were not terrible, but did involve some extra work. Communication problems that included waffling about weather, a third-party booking, balking at the covid shutdown, and changing dates last minute. There was extra cleanup (not much, but still it was greasy). He and his wife were generous to themselves with my firewood and pushed checkout boundaries a little. I would put up with this no-big-deal stuff when full-on hosting, sure, but not now.
So when he wrote to ask whether they could come next weekend, I explained that my schedule doesn’t allow it at the moment and I hope they find something nice for their time away.
He shot back that they wouldn’t be any work, there would be nothing I would have to do, they could just come and stay and leave. “Take it easy. You know you won’t have to host us, right?”
In answer I said “no” to the stay more firmly, but I did want to share with you active hosts his advice:
We, all of us, are apparently doing this all wrong. We can just let guests come and stay and leave while we do nothing. Why are we working so hard cleaning and restocking? Take it easy.
Oh, you’re welcome.


Why didn’t you block the guest after their first stay so they couldn’t book again and leave an honest review of your experience of hosting them. (that would have put them off being return guests even if you hadn’t blocked them.


Since you don’t want to ever host him again, I would have written back giving him a list of all the work you had to do after his previous stays, the frustration with his poor communication and presumptions, and the extra money he cost you (using up more than the usual amount of firewood, etc.)

These kind of people, who are completely clueless about their impact, and the work involved in hosting, really need a reality check.


@Helsi , in the interest of being brief I didn’t go into every detail, but since you ask why: the first time they stayed they weren’t so bad as the second time. The second time they booked, covid shut us down the day before and they cancelled in the messaging but not officially. As his boss had paid for the trip, I merely blocked days for him after the shutdown, and he came then. So no reviews were possible. Yes, not ideal, but covid made things weird.

That was part of my more firm no… :slight_smile:

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I had a similar experience. Guest was camping with friends and the weather got crappy so he called me and asked if my place was available. He insisted that he didn’t care if the house was under renovations. Like I wanted a bunch of guys with muddy boots, wet clothing and camping gear! Heck no LOL


I have a direct book guest who has developed health problems. He and his wife and dog have stayed several times but he has now asked for the room several times and also for dog boarding separately twice and then canceled. The last two times have been same day and either “sick again” or “covid test postitive.” They are good guests when here but I’m ready to lose them as clients. The last two times they asked about Airbnb I was genuinely booked. I wonder if I’ll get an argument if or when I am ever finally honest with them?


People don’t understand.

I have a direct book guest who I could not host 2 of the past 3x. I referred his rental to different friends. I’ve found out he cancelled on both. This time with me the week before he shortened his stay by 2 days.

I’ve explained clearly 2x, these are small businesses. “ You’ve tied up their calendars for months then cancelled last minute. They are unwilling to rent to you again. I can’t refer you to anyone else and any future rentals will be paid in full 45 days in advance-no refunds/no changes. “

He can’t see the problem.


Can’t or chooses not to? Not seeing the problem when you clearly explained it to him either means he chooses not to see the problem or he’s extremely stupid.


It’s a little of both. He’s been a customer for 6 years 2x a year. He treats my property, neighbors & me appropriately except for this cancellation thing. It is partially my fault. He looks at it like renting from an easy going friend.

The first cancellation, we had a gentle educational chat that ended with “ please don’t do that again”. The 2nd time was “well that bridge is burned. You tied up her calendar & cancelled. I don’t think she’ll let you book again.”

I hoping the 3rd times a charm.

The reality is he’s from a different generation (while we are both senior citizens, I’m much less senior) and he hasn’t adapted.


Adapted to what? Rude is rude. Thinking your time is more valuable than that of others, or your dollar is worth more than my dollar is insulting and it was 100 years ago too.


We also have a friend who, over the years, has booked directly with us three times then cancelled a day or two before. Because he is a friend we didn’t collect funds at time of booking. My husband had called him right before the rental date to get paid. Our mistake. So we were paid nothing. Next time he asks to book our calendar will be closed. He’s clueless as many renters are.