Guest spilt something on couch - How to claim damage costs?

Today we had our first bad hosting experience. Our guest left our place in a very disgusting state. Chewing gum on the tables, food over the benches, and rubbish everywhere. But the worst thing was that they left a massive stain on our couch (looks like they had spilt a coffee or something). They did not advise us when they left.

It was a very quiet Asian lady who stayed, but it was pretty obvious it wasn’t just her that stayed the night. I’ve sent her a message and she has replied saying she didn’t know about the stain and that she is sorry. She has admitted to having guests stay.

I had to give tonights guest a $75 refund because of the couch (they were lovely and very understanding). Am I within my right to claim this cost back to my guest?


Well, first of all - I think she’s in violention of your rules by having extra guests - do you charge extra for extra guests? Even if you do not charge extra - if she still only booked for 1 person, I think it’s still in breach of the Ts&Cs?

Hope you took a time-stamped photo of that stain :-)?

Contact airbnb immediately. Yes, you did take photos, correct? The guest who stained it can claim she didn’t, since you have new guests in there now.