Guest smoking, bedding stinks,

In my rules I said no smoking. I guess I didn’t clarify no smoking outside but I meant no smoking at all anywhere.

but the last 2 groups, first group I found cigarette outside, the first time it was ok, there was no smell or anything, (not even sure it was tabaco cigarette) but the second time, a French couple obviously heavy smokers, the house had a slight smell of smoke and it’s not just the smoking I don’t like but now all the bedding and everything stinks, the pillows etc.

can I claim money back even though I didn’t say no smoking outside, I can’t wash the pillow and duvet in time for next guest so had to go buy new ones. Can I request the money for this?

This is an Eco house I can’t have it smelling of smoke or th bedding contaminated.

Can I enforce a rule that no smokers can stay?

A rule that doesn’t allow smokers appears discriminatory to me.
A rule to not smoke inside the house is perfectly normal.
A rule not allowing smoking on your property, should be acceptable. If the public road isn’t too far they can go and smoke there.

BUT, heavy smokers sometimes have a horrible body smell :disappointed:. Not a lot you can do about it, I’m afraid. Just wash :tada: !


You can have a no smokers rule, I’ve seen many hosts who have that rule. I don’t know how you enforce it however.

Some smokers do leave a smell even when they don’t smoke inside. It’s good that you have a duplicate set of linens now, you should have had them already. You can make a request for payment for the new items, I don’t know if you will get any money unless you get them to admit they smoked on your property. You should try asking them via the Airbnb system first and see if they will admit to it. If they do you have a better chance of getting your claim approved if they don’t agree to pay.

Good luck and come back and tell us what happens.

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Isn’t that discrimination?
Would that be legal? Or allowed by AirBNnB?

In that case can I have e.a. a “no overweight” rule. Overweight people cause more wear and tear on my furniture. It’s easy to enforce, when people arrive I put them on a scale. If their BMI is over a certain number I will send them away. :joy:
!!! I would never do this !!! I was just thinking of a similar kind of provocative example to help the discussion along. I was surprised by your answer.

For people who want to jump on me for the example, I would have to send myself away :wink:.

Given the fact there are people with “no gay couples” rules with listings that have been reported and the listings are still active, I say make whatever rule you want and try to enforce it best you can until Airbnb says you can’t.

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Sadly, there have been several hosts on this board who have suggested that they might add a house rule of no guests over a certain weight or worse yet, that obese people have a responsibility to disclose their weight to potential hosts.

Serious? :laughing: OMG, people never seize to amaze me :astonished:.
Although, if I think about it, not all furniture is made to take unlimited weight. Mmmmhhh, whenever I’m going to buy new furniture I will buy something extra sturdy. I wouldn’t want my guest feeling bad because my chairs collaps under their weight.

I could have also given an example with underweight people :grin:. We won’t take anyone under a certain BMI because our ventilator will make them fly away. Liability you know :smile:.

As long as they are good respecting people everyone is welcome !

I didn’t think you were the smoking type.

My fantastic guests who just left…well… I am cleaning now and there is a faint trace of smoke in the air. NO! I don’t believe these stellar guests smoked in the room. But they could have been smokers and only did it off the property. Yet I can smell it… and the trace of smoke lingers because it clung to their person. And therefore clings to the carpet, sheets, furnishings… they might have had butts in the trash too, because even though the trash is gone there’s a faint cig smelll by the rubbish can. It won’t last though. By the time I have finished cleaning the smell will be gone.

I loved these guests so much I might not have cared if they lit up a cigar! :smiley:

:laughing: I hate smoking. My sin is being overweight :blush:.

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You don’t look overweight in your pic!

Thanks! And now everyone is going to have a close look at my picture. :sweat_smile:

In that picture I weight 5 kilos less I believe. Of course there are degrees in being overweight. I think by European standards my weight would even be considered obese :confounded:. But I’m trying to work on it :wink: again :smirk:. You know swimming 2-3km and walking 10-15km a week.

Calorie reduction is key as well, I have stopped buying beer even though the Kona brews are so tempting. I also had to just say no to cookies and donuts. My two downfalls!

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You did say that you didn’t mind being corrected… :slight_smile:

Seize - to grab or to snatch
Cease - to stop, to desist.

:slight_smile: [quote=“Cocoanouk, post:1, topic:12829”]
I can’t wash the pillow and duvet in time for next guest so had to go buy new ones. Can I request the money for this?

I doubt it but nevertheless, it’s important to have spares anyway so your purchases are not in vain. For example, you might have a guest who dropped an open bottle of water on the bed (or worse!) during their stay so it’s as well to have spares on hand.

I’m skinny smoker. :slight_smile:


I have a house rule - no cigarette butts in the trash inside the house. That’s in addition to “No smoking, including e-cigarettes, anywhere on the property”.
My contract (for HomeAway or direct bookings) says “If you smoke on the property, we have the right to evict any or all members of the rental party”. That tends to either 1) have people reveal they would like to smoke a cigar way outside (in which case I tell them we have a small table just off the property for them), or 2) people don’t sign the contract and they disappear in a puff of smoke (sorry, I couldn’t resist!).

I realize the clause is probably unenforceable. But it accomplishes its purpose. Since I added it to our contract, we have not had any cigarette smokers show up.


I had a guest put cigarette butts in a plastic bag (probably had been saving them in his car and I appreciate him not tossing them on the roadway somewhere) in my bathroom trash with a plastic bag over the liner. That trash can also has a lid. I could smell them as soon as I went in the room and it took many days for the smell to completely depart the hard plastic liner. I had to switch out the one from my other matching bin until I could get the smell out. Luckily I have few smokers.

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that’s not discrimination as using substances isn’t a human right. There are many facilities that are strictly non smoking. There are places with no booze too.

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Heavy smokers ooze tobacco smell from their pores, so the skin oils are absorbed by the bedding. It’s such a disgusting smell and a complete turn off for non smoking guests.

Even if you allow smoking outdoors, often times the smoke drifts not only into your house, it wafts into the neighbors’ homes as well–which certainly piss off the neighbors where I live.

So I think you are perfectly justified in saying smokers are not allowed and word it in your description so it’s explicit but also buffered with some careful language.


The question is if one can deny smokers from making a reservation. The non smoking facilities won’t deny access to people who had a smoke half an hour before.

One of the real downsides to the push to get people to smoke outdoors is that now the outdoors is ruined. LOL. I used to like to sit out on the patio at bars and restaurants that had them. Not now if smoking is allowed there. I have a neighbor who goes out to his backyard to smoke. He lives behind me but because he is down the hill and on a cul-de-sac he is not that close, about 200 ft away. I can often smell when he is back there smoking always confirmed by the smoker’s hack or me peering over the back fence. [quote=“GutHend, post:19, topic:12829”]
a smoke half an hour before

That’s why I said you can put it as a rule but not enforce it. I had an older couple stay who smoked something. They stayed almost a week and they would take the dog for a walk down the street or go around a corner. They never smelled and I never smelled smoke. I think they smoked weed and maybe roll your own tobacco. It didn’t smell.


I remember when I was a smoker being somewhere in LA (santa Monica I think) and smoking was banned everywhere outside with big fines for violation. I couldn’t believe it! So I couldn’t smoke inside and now I can’t smoke outside either?! I think I ended up hiding in an alleyway for a few cheeky puffs, terrified the big scary American policemen with guns were going to come after me.

Now I’m an ex smoker, I totally get it. Smoke really ruins the air and I can’t stand walking past someone with a cigarette now

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