Guest showed up early w/o notice

So I received noticed of an IB early this morning (9am) while at work, followed by a message from the guest: “visiting friends, would like to be there ASAP”. I immediately messaged my son to prep the room and house (we just returned 2 days ago from a long road trip). Less than 20 min later, before I even have a chance to reply with the check-in time and to let him know its not ready until 2pm, the guest is at my door and my unknowing son lets him in, thinking its ok. Guy tells him he just wants to “crash” somewhere. (He had to be hanging out within a few blocks, waiting to get the address)
The only other review this guest has just says "great guest"
Not quite sure how to handle this, since my son didn’t know the official check-in time (he just moved back home from college). Luckily, my daughter had made up the bed before we left, so it was clean, but guest room (and whole house) needs vacuuming, cleaning, etc. I immediately messaged that check-in was 2pm and room wasn’t not ready, but haven’t heard back, presumably since he is asleep.
Don’t want a bad review from him for house not being clean, but otherwise his presence is not a big deal if he doesn’t care that we are cleaning around him.
Would y’all call Airbnb to report him? is this a valid complaint? I’m thinking not, since we let him in already, even if by mistake. Thoughts? Suggestions?

I would call ABB. Goodness, what if your son was 12 and you don’t like strangers there when you are not there? And I imagine that check in time is indeed shared with the guest via IB confirmation!

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Yes, check in time is not only shared with the guest if they book via Instant Book. It is included in the house rules to which the guest must agree that they have read and will adhere to.

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Yeah he broke your check in rules. Talk to ABB.

I kind of disagree - although it indicates the guest is a boor who didn’t bother to read any of the info, I’m not sure that reporting him to airbnb is appropriate. He came to the door, your son unknowingly let him in, but your son also could have called you, and you could have spoken to the guest and told him - hey sorry, you’ll have to come back at check in time. Not blaming your son at all, or you, but just to illustrate that many guests will take whatever inch of rope you give them. In this case, he was allowed to check in early by accident, so while he took advantage of a situation, I don’t know that it’s worth a hassle over. I’d say when you get home you introduce yourself and tell him -" my son allowed you in, but to be clear check in time is after 2pm. You arrived before we had time to finish preparing the house".

He may have been so grateful to be let in that he’ll write you a fantastic review. If he does write anything negative you can always counter with “guest checked in 8 hours early before the house was prepared” or something like that.

I’d personally give him a bit a break if the rest of the stay is uneventful.


Regardless of how the rest of the stay goes I beg you to mention in the review that he didn’t read/honor the check in time. Unless he says “hey, thanks a bunch, I know I got 5 hours free, here’s twenty bucks.” Then it’s all cool. And if he slams you for dirty house then you provide a scathing response. He was probably on 6th St. partying until 7 am. LOL


I’d be inclined to agree.If he’s new to Airbnb (as the one review suggests) then maybe he just doesn’t get it yet. Also, you could have replied instantly with the check in time and the guy was let in.

But it’s a good idea to mention it at the end of the review just so that other hosts will know. You can also gently remind him in the section where you message the guest when you’re writing the review.

So apologies for responding so slowly, just wanted to say thanks for the comments and report the outcome.
When the guest finally got up around 7 that evening, I introduced myself and gently mentioned the 2pm check-in and the rules, and he was immediately contrite and apologized. He had evidently been without sleep when he arrived. He left shortly thereafter and asked how late he could come back for the night and I said it didn’t matter to me since I can’t hear when guests come in late, but rather than give him a key as I normally do I just told him I would leave the door unlocked. He didn’t come back at all.
Will mention briefly in his review, but overall will rate him positively.

I wish ABB had a way for us to set times on our calendar so we could accomodate day sleepers. I’ve had one day sleeper booking and another inquire but wanted a discount so I didn’t book him. Since I’m not booked every day I’m willing to take these requests but it would still be nice to be able to have someone check out at 4 pm and in at 7pm on the same day.

Hum, “day use” in the hospitality industry usually does not involve guests sleeping though they are looking for a bed.


Ha, ha. Yeah. Both of my requests were alone so no worries about that.

It’s a difficult position to be in – the guest demands something unreasonable, and you cannot really decline because you don’t want to be hurt by a bad review. That’s the hospitality industry in a nutshell.
The guest should have respected the check-in time. But equally, if he doesn’t mind the room being unprepared (and it sounds like he didn’t) is it a big deal? Even though it is annoying, it sounds like it was fortunately not the worst case.
I use Pillow Homes now, so I haven’t had this problem in a while – and I certainly don’t miss it to be honest. One thing Pillow Homes helps homeowners with is the installation of smart locks. Homeowners can use the app and give the guest a digital key, allowing entry from a certain time on a certain date. If the guest arrives early or late, it is possible to issue a key at that time so that they can enter the property. It may be a good idea for you. It is also a lot more secure, especially considering you seem to leave the front door unlocked.