Guest shifting reservation after booking, and checking in

I had a guest who wanted to check in a day earlier and asked the day of. The room was available but needed to be turned over so we quickly turned it over and let him check in a day earlier. Yay more $$, right?
The next day he asks if he can check out a day earlier…

To me, he can check out whenever he wants- but he is still paying for the room. I am trying to think of a sly way of saying it without making the situation bad review worthy.

If he wants to leave early, tell him that it is out of your hands, and he must take it up with Airbnb himself.


Leave when you like, but no refund. The property is tied up— imagine if you asked them to leave a day early!

I added “no changes to the booking after check in” to my house riles too.

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Yup, you can let them take it up with ABB, that being said I’m remain totally flexible in emergency situations, I’m also very careful with whom I deny a one night refund to, I know that a huge % of my guests are referred by local businesses, families & repeat guests this is very valuable during slower seasons. A request for a refund happens maybe 2 to 4 x per year, I honor the request minus the my fee paid to ABB and the cleaning fee.
I believe that good PR keeps me afloat during lean seasons. It still is a small world, I find it amazing how many guests network. I recently was informed from a guest that they previous booked regularly at a ABB locally, he works collecting data for fisheries, change of plans he cancelled a 2 night stay…he was denied any refund, he’s now my guest pre-booking an average of 4 to 6 nights per month during the winter months, he was having having lunch… and the waitress recommended us, I have no idea who this gal was but she knew of someone who had stayed & had a positive experience.

@robin1 always hosts need to take into account their clientele and what works for them when it comes to hosting.

You get repeat customers. I have had two in over three years.

I have a strict policy and have waved it three times. I never got a thank you from the guests or Airbnb for doing so and lost money as a result.

Personally I don’t think there is anything wrong with a host sticking to their cancellation policy. In your particular case I think the host was short sighted but we don’t know the full circumstances.

There is a flexible cancellation policy for hosts like yourself who are happy to take last minute cancellations and risk not being able to rebook.

Well, I have a moderate cancellation policy so he got 50% (which amounted to $28) back. I contacted the host he stayed with before me and she said he changed his reservation 6 times prior to check-in and that he seemed really needy.
I made him submit a cancellation request instead of a change request because, to my knowledge, it will show on his profile that he canceled as a warning to other hosts. This is the review I am leaving:

Did not follow check-in information sent and changed his reservation several times, including canceling his last night’s stay a few days into his reservation. Requested a check-in 1 day earlier on the day of. Guest appears to think he can occupy someone’s calendar as a general suggestion of his actual reservation wishes, which can change on a whim.


HAHAHAH “If I want to be an Airbnb host”
Dude, I AM an Airbnb host, have been for 6 years. What a jerk!

I had a group who booked for 2 days and asked if they could get a third. That day did open up due to a cancellation, but they decided they didn’t want it after all. Then they wanted to add another person, but tried to change the length of the stay to one night at the same time, but I have a two night minimum. Then they canceled after check in time and never checked in, just leaving a message, “thanks for you hospitality” which I read as snarky and waited for a bad review, but it never materialized.

They were new to Airbnb. Evidently they didn’t have the app installed or notifications turned on, as their replies were delayed or they used instant messaging rather than Airbnb messages. I would cut and paste their messages into Airbnb, asking for conformation. Felt like a powder keg the whole time.