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Guest sends inquiry twice, same wording yesterday and today

So I get this exact message yesterday, I answer him immediately, pre-approve him and crickets, no response.


My girlfriend and I are looking to get out of Brooklyn for a little bit- we’ve heard wonderful things about City Island and we’d be thrilled if you were kind enough to let us stay with you :slight_smile: I eagerly await your reply!

All the best,
Brad & Caitlin

Pre approval expires, and now I just got the same message again exact words and I’ve answered him with what time he wants to check in and again, no response. I’d say he was sending a bunch of inquiries but we are the only availability for tomorrow night so it doesn’t make sense.
My answer:
Hi Brad & Caitlin,
We have plans for tomorrow evening. It will be ok depending when you want to check in. I did answer you yesterday, did you get my message? Sometimes Air is a bit quirky.

Again, crickets, no response. Maybe a glitch or ?

Decline. Don’t knock yourself out.


That’s my instinct gut feeling but it seems strange.

Whether it is no response or a glitch, nothing you can do about it.

People have posted here recently that messages aren’t getting through the system in a timely manner. But you can’t text him. I’d call ABB if I really wanted the booking and see what they could tell me.

Good luck with that…

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Yes, I have no desire to sit on the phone for a one night booking that I’m not sure I will accept if they need to check in when we are out at a party.

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I just heard from him:

That’s odd- it just sent me a notification for your most recent message?
Anyway, we’re thrilled that you’ve approved us! Caitlin & I are really looking forward to a little time away :slight_smile: We can be there by 3pm tomorrow. How does that sound to you guys?

Must be airs message system. What a surprise!

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Has happened to me a few times, as if messages vaporize sometimes.

Still waiting for him to book, we’ll see.

Just so y’all know, he booked. The message system was extremely delayed. He never got my first answer and pre booking approval. They really need to get their programming act together @Faheem since that’s about all they’re good for, yikes!

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did you send your responses through your email account, or directly on the airbnb site? I have sent important messages from my hotmail account that never made it through - frustrating.

But the message was exactly the same because the message is saved - so when you click ‘contact host’ the message you wrote last time is still there.

Yay! A booking!

All through the Airbnb message system and the messages are there but he didn’t get yesterday’s messages. M

ok that’s weird. …

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