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Guest security information


Hi there,

New to the community and Airbnb.

I’ve recently had a inquiry about my flat where the potential guest seemed like a good one.

Unfortunately the person started to claim that they were in fear of being broken into and robbed or assaulted while staying.

A damning accusation on the local area and the people, as well as my neighbors. I ended the conversation and declined the booking.

Has anyone had any similar issues?

I have concerns of people phishing for times when the location will be vacant and security info.


I’ve had one and asked if there has been any history of vandalism, theft, robbery, assault, etc…or other crimes. I declined the booking. I told the person to look at all my photos…I have some neighborhood view photos, showing some houses…does this look like a violent town? And I said to look at my reviews…nothing mentioned of any of my guests being a crime victim.

i am in a suburb over 20 miles away from the nearest major city, I am in a peaceful neighborhood full of working families. People in my neighborhood keep to themselves.


I’ve often wondered when/if the phishes and scammers will hit AirBnB and how they will do it. These probably weren’t scammers but the more,“worried” the guest is about things the more difficult time you are likely to have with them. Excessive Handwringing of any kind is a red flag and I always decline them.

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