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Guest reviews order is counterproductive to increasing bookings


Hello! Quick question, when I review my properties online, why is it that the reviews of past guests appear in random order? Surely the order of most recent guests would better reflect how the properties look now (especially as most of us have made major improvements) and how as hosts we have all matured and perfected our interactions with new guests. Displaying reviews from newest to oldest would surely increase revenue for hosts and Airbnb, as right now the review at the top of the list is from 2017?!?!?


They are sorted by country. You must get mostly foreign guests. I’m in the US and mine are in order by time with my US guests. My foreign guests are at the end. But if I were German my German review would show first.


It is perplexing that a company so keen on non-discrimination assumes with its review order that the most important information for guests comes from their compatriots…
I’m all for non-discrimination, by the way. Also all for consistency.
Absolutely with you, @Xeph_Grand. I would rather read a recent review from anywhere than a two-year-old review from a Canadian.


@Poppy pointed out recently that there is a new option to sort by “recent reviews” rather than “relevant reviews.” However, this only appears on the web browser.

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