Guest reviews not visible

Since the beginning of the year I have been unable to view any previous host reviews on guests looking to book with me. I do not have IB, never have, and this has not been a problem in the past. I have called Air support and they are looking into it. Is anyone else experiencing this? As I am an onsite host with a private room in my home, this is a huge concern for me. I have tried my desktop, iPad and iPhone. Nothing shows. Thanks.

Many guests have no reviews because a) they are new to the site b) previous hosts did not leave them a review or c) they are travelling and still within the 14 day period where a host has left a review but the guest hasn’t yet. Do you mean that their profile shows that they have reviews but they’re not showing up? If so, option c above seems the most likely.

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@Magwitch These were guests that did have multiple reviews which became visible after their stay. When they were booking that was my thought, too, that they had no previous reviews. Air just called me back and has confirmed that there is a glitch right now involving visibility of previous reviews. I have a couple of pending bookings right now and cannot see anything regarding their previous reviews…one is a profile pic holding an assault rifle. Sooooo.

Aaggh, those Airbnb glitches… well, I suppose they are a lovable hip start-up company so it’s to be expected.

NO!! That excuse hasn’t been acceptable for the past 4 years. I hope you have the confirmation of the glitch stated in the follow-up email after the phone conversation so there are no penalties over your response rate or declines as a result.
Thank you for alerting about this glitch! It’s not really just a glitch, though, is it? It’s a serious malfunction!

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It’s a bug. It’s an easy word to remember, folks. Just Use It. If it’s good enough for software developers, it should be good enough for Airbnb hosts.

FWIW the original “bug” was literally a moth that was discovered trapped inside a mainframe computer at Harvard, in 1947!


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