Guest Review Screens

I Just stayed in an Airbnb as a guest and I thought I would share the review system.email1


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AND then after the review is done:


I suspect a lot of guests get half way through and say feck it. In comparison to BDC this is cumbersome and the supplementary section, well it’s almost as if they are checking that a lot of info on the actual listing is correct :frowning:

We were in Granada the other night, this is the equivalent (with a couple of bits blanked off) from BDC. All on one page and very straightforward.

This actually makes me feel grateful towards the 90% of our guests who have left reviews.



I keep forgetting to post this… I had a guest who swore up and down that he left me 5 stars, but I only got 4. Then after staying at an AirBnB, I got this email prompting me to review. You can see that had I not scrolled down in my email (and this is on a large PC screen), I would have never seen there was a 5th star. :confounded:


Thanks so much for sharing this information. I stayed at an Airbnb in May 2018 and did not receive a review request at all like the one you just posted. I am totally confused. It was the standard 6 things, Overall, Location, Arrival, Cleanliness, Communication and Accuracy. So I am wondering if this kicks in if you give less than a 5 star in any category then you get quizzed on all these questions. I agree with other comments, I would get to one or two of these items and say heck with it, I don’t have time to be an inspector for someones property.

I stayed in an Airbnb in August and didn’t see all this. I think @HelenSpinelli might be correct in thinking that anything less than 5 stars gives you this. Someone posted here recently claiming to be a guest and complaining that they are pressured to leave 5 star reviews and that honest reviews would be much better. (Agreed!)

However if you are getting 5 star reviews they don’t get this so you get more reviews. My progress tab says I’m getting 80% reviews but it feels higher to me.

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My parents stayed at an ABB in August and got this. They gave the place 5*. She sent me screenshots because she thought it was pretty cumbersome and, at that time, we were getting less reviews than we had been and she thought that this process might be why. And I agree - what a pain in the arse! Why can’t they keep (make?) it like the host side with the “(1) what did you like? (2) how many stars? (3) ya done!” process?

Maybe they are A/B testing?


I wonder too.

So many posts on here with some people experiencing things but others not seeing the same.

Hopefully this 20-questions review process fails the beta and it goes back to something in the “keep it simple” camp.

The questions I saw on mine recently don’t even relate to my property. Do I offer a place to work out? Nope! Never said I did!

I wish, if they were going to do this crud, that they would take into account the rental. I wonder, am I being penalized in listings etc because someone checked “no” on the workout space?

ABB’s IT think-tank needs to think more …

Their version of trip advisor and hotel inspector

Nope, it’s for all reviews now I think.

Thanx for sharing this.
It might be regional because I stayed in a Airbnb in August and I didn’t get this but it might be rolled out to Europe from the US if it hasn’t already?

Yeah, perhaps a split testing because I gave the host 5 stars.

Honestly there were issues with the place and if I wasn’t a host I probably would have given less but don’t want hosts to get a bad rep staying in places. I send my comments privately on what was broken. The thing that bothered me the most was that the refrigerator was filled with half opened food (not just cream) and expired salad dressing, mayo, juice, etc.)

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