Guest review not posting?

Question for you all before I bug the guests or ask Airbnb customer service.

My guest was very pleased and said they did a review on Sunday. She said there was a message when she submitted the review that “it could take a few days to post”. I also reviewed her on Sunday. It’s Wednesday and nothing has posted yet. Is this normal? I will check in with her again in a few days but don’t want to bother her if this delay is normal. Her status in my inbox is still “Pending guest review” but they have my review of her. And I believe her, she let me know throughout her stay how great the place is.


Not normal in my book. After the guest and the host have reviewed, it’s spontaneous in my experience. Never seen that “it could take a few days to post”. Maybe she didn’t complete the review and submit.

I’ve seen that before, both as a host and as a guest. I think it must be some sort of oversight system but I don’t know what triggers it. It may be random. The review has always posted at some point later when I’ve received that message.

Maybe because they know their latest update resulted in a lot of glitches, they are covering their ass?
I don’t recall ever seeing that message before, but once it took several days after the 14 day mark for my review of a guest to be posted (she hadn’t left a review).

Not sure what you think contacting the guest would accomplish- if the reviews never post, that’s something you’d have to contact Airbnb about.