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Guest review from a prior host "so and so was sweet and friendly". nothing else. Message here?

Got a request from a young lady who had one review that stated as above, “so and so was sweet and friendly” and nothing else. Not so concerned about a guest being ‘sweet and friendly’, more interested in ‘respectful, good communication, left property clean’, that sort of thing especially since the cabin is on my residence property. Is there a subliminal message here from that host?
I am booked ALL the time so don’t ‘need’ this booking. However, I enjoy hosting and having folks here for the peace and quiet they seem to be needing nowadays.
Would you accept the booking?

Did she give her a five star review? If so, then I would go by the star review.

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There might be, there might not be. We see hosts all the time who want to play the coded message game, which I hate.

I accept all bookings unless there is an indisputable reason not to. I’m also on IB.


According to the ‘details section’ on her, I can only see the star rating and details of them if I have IB. I do not. I can only read the text.
I agree, I prefer an honest review rather than someone ‘playing nice’.
I went ahead an accepted as time was running out. Just advised her to kindly be sure and review the listing so as to be certain the property suited her and her goals.
I don’t think I like being ‘blackmailed’ into doing IB in order to see detailed ratings on a prospective guest. My situation is just not suitable for IB, I tried it and had too many instances where the guests were trying to circumvent my restrictions (pets, children, extra guests, events, you name it).
Thanks !


Yes I would, especially since you are onsite.


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I have never used IB either and personally I don’t consider star ratings to be of much value, as they are totally subjective and give no concrete information.

I recall a thread on this forum where a host was asking for advice on how to rate a particular guest and described the guest’s behavior. The responses, all from experienced hosts here, ran the gamut from 2 *s to 5 *s.

That made it evident that another host’s assessment of what a guest deserves is of no value to me. I go by any written reviews and commumication with the guest. And have never ended up with a bad guest.

There have been plenty of hosts who have had horrible guests who had 5* ratings.


Sounds like accidental save & click through out of habit. I can’t count the number of times in the text function I fat fingered & hit send by mistake

Accept & count your money!


I can’t see anything in the hosts review that would give you cause for concern @shadowmnt

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