Guest review and host public response

I had guests that were a bit messy, but personally not a big issue for me to review about for other hosts. These guests apparently had around 18 glowing reviews , with most of them mentioning how clean and tidy they were and highly recommended. I was a bit confused why this instance happened with myself.
I am not ocd when it comes to cleaning, but found the place messy with shoe mud tracked on my lower floor hallway, despite my house instruction to leave shoes at door way mat area. The were other few things; and found they were untidy compared to most guests I had.
I was not sure how they truly felt about my place and just have a feeling they may leave me a bad review. I try to be the best host I can be with the place and leave the place very clean and welcoming. I just feel these guests may not be satisfied for some reason.
They may or may not. Perhaps it’s just me…but in case they do give me a bad review. They had already just left a review for me that I have yet to see. However, I still am choosing to not review them as I don’t think anything is worth mentioning. I know hosts mention to do so anyways but i’m a new host and don’t want the retaliation in case. I just don’t want to review these guests.
However, if AFTER the 14 days, after their review publicly posts up as a negative one, do I have a chance to publicly respond to their review?

Yes, I believe you can always respond to your reviews. But why don’t you want to review them? You can just put something like, “Guests were friendly but didn’t follow house rules of takes shoes off, tracking mud down the hallway.” I probably wouldn’t even bother with the “untidy” issue unless it was really bad.


A lot of hosts never see the actual unit. Rely on cleaners and property managers. Little stuff is likely to get unreported.

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Search the forum and you’ll find many posts about why it’s important for hosts to review guests. And to do so honestly. Please, please remember that we’re all in this together. You post here because you want other hosts to help you - and that’s great, it’s what this forum is here for - but please help us all in return by leaving reviews. Thank you :slight_smile:

You’ll also find posts explaining that most experienced hosts will not reply to guests’ reviews for various reasons.

There is no such thing as a retaliation review, remember.


Thanks for nothing!

Would you host them again? If not you owe us a review and a thumbs down otherwise what’s the point in a review system if we are not participating. Its like not voting, meh can’t be bothered…



I did see my property before the cleaners came

I am choosing not to review over something that was noted but not a deal breaker. My question is if I can publicly respond after the 14 days of the review. That is all. It is my choice. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your feedback much appreciated

Thanks for your feedback

Again, thanks for nothing.


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Thank you and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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No, I was responding to your question about how they got 18 good reviews and not clean for you.

If you can’t be bothered to review why worry about responding to theirs? It’s way less effective than just reviewing them. (Search other threads on responding to reviews, tends to make the host look nuts) Other hosts need to know they were messy so they can decide for themselves.

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18 glowing reviews and 5 additional stays where they treated the place like crap but the host didn’t have the backbone to leave a review.

Now after their stay at your place they’ll still have 18 glowing reviews and move on the next unsuspecting host.

This is why the guests on Airbnb are growing increasingly entitled - there’s no repercussions for bad actions. Hosts just don’t review bad guests. That’s fine that it’s “your choice” but recognize you’re part of the problem @Jen1

You do realize you can write whatever you’d like at this point and it wouldn’t affect their review of you, right? Literally, there’s no downside to leaving a review.


Thank you. Just wondering if I can respond to their review was my question.

Thank you, I am asking a question here, that is all… Have a nice day:)

Okay, got it thank you for clarifying

Reply all you wan’t, yes you can reply but it is not helpful to you or other hosts. Just makes you look defensive. Better to write an honest review that will balance out the negatives, if any.

I would mark them down on cleanliness and following rules, no need to slam them just be honest.

X left the house messy, did not follow rules about taking shoes off outside.


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That was implicit in my reply. It’s possible but not recommended.

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She has been pretty clear, she does not care.