Guest "respectfully" requests

I received this message Sunday, the final day of the largest music festival in the world, in Miami. Ultra Music Festival. Rooms in Miami this weekend were SOLD OUT. My rate for the room was $55. And this is what I get…

Hi. Can you do 40 a night total including tax with no security ? We would really appreciate it and would be out in the early morning. Respectfully, Jennifer

Don’t you just love how she added the “respectful” as the end?

I gave her a full explanation in my response. Funny enough, it only required a one-word sentence.




Yeah that would be a BIG NO from me, fortunately This past weekend was secured by a lovely French couple months ago.

Are they planning in tearing the place up? They know the security deposit doesn’t get charged until a claim is filed, right?

I would just decline.

Of course I said no. One word. “No” then I declined her. She knew what she was doing…she’s done it to others…that’s why she signed off with “respectfully”. How is it respectful to ask me to discount almost 50% and remove my deposit (protection). She can suck it.:rage:

Oh and her 3 reviews were very sparsely written. As if the host didnt want to say the truth but didnt want to write a bad one. I can read between their lines.


I suppose she thought it was worth trying and maybe someone would take the bait! Like those “You have been left a million dollars, just send us your bank account details”. You wouldn’t believe anyone would fall for it, and yet they must have some success to carry on - I bet you dear Jennifer found a sucker somewhere!

I rented my room at 92$ on Sunday, and 115$ on a weekend, and i am not even in MIami, but in Hollywood. WHy are you renting so low. just curious
Is it a private room that you charge security deposit for?

I am in West Kendall, off the turnpike. On the way to the Keys (I get lots of Keys visitors). I have two rooms in my townhome. No private entry and both share a bath. I did just add my master with a private bath and abut getting $70 for it.

For Ultra, I got $99 per night. Demand as insane. But when I did raise my prices last month it didn’t go well. :frowning:

Mine is the same, the only difference is a private bath. I dont know may be location that i am close to airport and beach

I’m also in Miami and I don’t have a problem with people asking me to reduce my price; it’s a business, people can try to negotiate the rate and I can say “yes” or “no”.
Believe it or not I have been asked many times if I offer a military rate, as if i’m a major hotel like Marriott! That’s really funny!

I’m in Fort Lauderdale just up the road from Miami. I’ve never had anyone try to ask for a lower rate (except for long term stays which I don’t accept anyway). But if they did, I’d be inclined to answer with more than just ‘no’.

I know that maybe other hosts will disagree but to me, every interaction is an opportunity. True, the guest might not book but if I am civil in my reply (which takes only a short time more than saying ‘no’) then that guest might book in the future or recommend me to friends. Wishful thinking maybe :slight_smile:

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that is…really horrible…I mean, she really has no clue.

I wish I could be like that!!I always fall for it and feel pity and try to explain politely the reasons why I can’t do a better discount etc etc but you are so right!!!My favorite though is when a guest asks for a discount and says but we won’t be in the apartment during the day we will just go to sleep lol I always want to answer good for you,great,can I accommodate another guest during the day?


‘Respectfully, NO’ , that would have been wittier. :grin:


Right! “So, you don’t mind then if my cousin and her three kids come and use your room during the day?”


I also just say ‘no’.

Just out of curiosity, what type of other places do you advertise through? We have a facebook page that has gotten us maybe 1 booking but other than air and vrbo.

We don’t use any other online booking services but we do have our own small website that directs potential guests to AirBnB. Several guests have mentioned that they found us via our website.


I just had another tired kicker saying "I work for 2 airbnb hosts (what does THAT have to do with a booking?) and Im in town for a visit to friends blah blah…and can you give me a “little discount”

I wonder how her two bosses feel about giving discounts? I said no because I am no longer hosting at the moment, But I did refer to another host I know who needs the money,