Guest requests exact address with booking still weeks away

How do you respond to a guest request for your address prior to the 72 hour check in window?

Usually I ask why, in a polite way. If it’s for directions/proximity, then it’s easy enough to let them know ahead of time (“our home is 20 minutes from the convention center!”) without handing your address over when they’re still able to cancel and get their money back.

For example: For the security of our guests & ourselves, we want to be sure we’re uniform in how we give guests information. You’ll receive the address/check in information/codes for your stay 72 hours before check in. If you’re looking for distance to another location or nearby activities, I’d be happy to help!


As a homeshare host, I don’t have to be concerned with that and send a map to my place, which is hard to find, a week before check-in. They wouldn’t be able to find my house just with the address anyway.

I’m not sure what the concern is with giving out the address to a confirmed guest more than 72 hrs ahead of time? If you have self check-in, they wouldn’t be able to access the place before check-in time anyway, if you only activate their door code for check-in time.

And I thought addresses were provided to guests automatically as soon as their booking is confirmed,along with the host’s phone number.

I would tell them the address because they might be planning their road trip.

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Airbnb provides addresses 72 hours prior.

Im sure there are multiple reasons in favour and against. I thank you for your opinion.

It depends on the situation. A month or so back, I was an incoming Guest asking that question. My situation was that we were flying into Las Vegas and then driving and spending days at Zion NP Bryce Canyon, NP, the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and other remote places where internet was virtually useless before coming to “civilization”. The hosts graciously gave us the addresses – living out West they understood that there are huge distances not covered by internet, and that neither of us had AirBnb on our tablet or phones.


There is a possibility they want to have a big party and they need the address to put on the invite.

Or they want to ship you lots of stuff and need you to take care of them before they arrive.

In most scenarios, I would not provide this information. But it depends on how your listing and hosting situation.


A guest receives the exact address as soon as they book. On March 9th I booked an Airbnb for the end of June. I got the address immediately.


Is that something new?

I like the way you think!

That’s what I thought. As hosts, there is a place to indicate whether you want the exact address to be available before or after a booking is confirmed, but I’ve never seen any other setting in that regard.

Releasing an exact location once cancellation fees apply could give an extra layer of security or a buffer from neighbours who don’t care for STR’s.

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The best way if it is possible for you to use an address of a nearby building and then the exact address on the day of check-in.
It might not be possible in some hosting scenarios.
Protects you in case guest guests angry if you don’t provide refund for cancellations.

I looked into doing that but it’s not possible for me.

In my case, it’s a studio apartment in a building. So I provide the building address but don’t provide the apartment number.

I have read some hosts saying the address is given out once the free cancellation period is over, rather than immediately on confirmation. But I don’t know if that’s true, or whether “free cancellation period” refers to the 48 hrs when they’d still get their service fee back, or refers to the host’s cancellation policy. For instance, with my moderate policy, in that case, a guest would be given the address 5 days before arrival, as that’s when they can no longer cancel and receive full nightly refund.

A guest can be given the names of the nearest cross-streets, which should be plenty close enough for them to have a good idea of where the place is without giving them the exact address.

There is a toggle for “Cancellation Privacy” under “Listing Details” / “Location Sharing” so that your your exact location, last name or phone # aren’t shared while guests can still cancel for free.


I’m not the one to ask, I have no smart lock, I homeshare and check guests in personally. My doors have normal key locks. But I’m sure some other hosts can chime in with recommendations.

Our listing is shown on google maps, so anyone savvy would be able to find it. I have no problem giving the address to guests once they have been confirmed. But then, the property is gated, & we have 2 dogs that let us know when someone is at the gate…
They might just want to gather intel on the area….

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If I were a guest and a host gave me a false address, I would report them to Airbnb.


Luckily Airbnb does not care as long as they are collecting their commissions.

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