Guest requesting money back what is my best option?

No we do it for the money as it pays our mortgage, but if a review decreases money coming in in the long run then the review has a higher value in the long run.

There’s no reason why a poor review would decrease your bookings.


Try this instead. Your review is still much too long. You need to keep the emotion out and stick to the facts if you want people to read it.

"Sadly this family/couple where the worst guests I have hosted in over 300 bookings leaving our home in the worst condition than after having any other guests stay.

"They didn’t follow our house rules including waking us up in the early hours , despite us contacting them on several occasions and asking them not to. And we came home one day to find them cutting a visiting son’s hair in our living room.

(you need to add examples of poor communication/bad behaviour here)

"Our cleaners had to XXX extra hours cleaning up and disinfecting the place after them, in addition to the XXX hours they normally spend.

“They also left boxes and other rubbish for us to dispose of and broke a table, which they didn’t notify us about”.


Thats generally the assumption I’ve been operating under as well. The only time I’ve ever been asked for a refund however is after a guest didn’t like a review I left for them. The refund request was in reaction to my review. They were happy about their stay and left a good review even. So they didn’t get a refund. It wasn’t like I was trying to just extract a good review out of them and toss them aside though. I want repeat, return guests and I want guests to have such a good first experience here that they stay at other Airbnb’s. I try to never do anything that would make someone never want to do Airbnb again but unfortunately it can happen and for some guests its better if they NEVER try that again because they’re terrible guests like your guests.

I figured there was some back story to it. Thats why I still always try to listen to other host’s warnings in reviews even if I don’t get the whole story.

So if I have 100 reviews, should I worry less about not getting a bad review than if I were just starting out? And is this a per-listing thing or per-host? I have some listings with 60+ reviews and some with less than 10.

Refund based on your cxl policy. Dont worry about the reviews. I hate when a situation comes up like this because the host feels forced. Use your chance given to respond to their review. If it was a private room, the guest paid for a room in you house fully knowing others live there and we are all adults so we have different schedules. If you’re feeling generous, toss in an extra 10% or so and make sure that’s included in your review. Keep in mind not to mention any Airbnb involvement or the review that mentions it will be deleted.

How about this one:

Unfortunately I can’t recommend Aldina and her friend; they were the worst guests we’ve hosted in over 300 stays. They repeatedly broke house rules around quiet hours and left the house in terrible condition which required deep cleaning and disinfecting despite us clearly communicating with them.

One of the biggest challenges you will face with them will be honesty, and authenticity. In several circumstances throughout their stay and afterward they have shown that they lack these qualities. For example, when they asked to use our washer/dryer, they found some laundry in them and took them out. After that, they asked us to pay them for doing laundry.

They have left the house in the worst condition any guest has ever left them. Not only did we need to work extra hours for cleaning and disinfecting, but they also left boxes and other garbage. We came home one day to find them cutting a visiting son’s hair in our living room.

One table was broken down but could be repaired. Our cleaner felt disgusted cleaning up after them. Not one other guest in all these years had left the space in such a bad condition.

After checkout they requested a substantial refund for completely false claims like a light being on, the cloth they took out of the dryer so they could use it.

While there initial communication was very friendly, their behavior did not match the language used. We therefore decided to write this review so others wont be deceived in the same way.

Each interaction reinforced that Aldina and her husband don’t belong in the home sharing community. We would strongly recommend against hosting this couple. They have earned the title “guests from hell”.

Still TOO LONG, you are not writing a book.



I am not sure what to cut out wihtout leaving information out. I also did not even mention their noise level, vitamix etc.

I didn’t get clarification on 300 guests but only one review written? You don’t write reviews unless you have a problem?

First paragraph, 3rd,5th and 7th are the only parts of the review that I would be interested in as a host.

Just wait for Ken’s review. Until then, breath in and out, do some yoga, have a bit chocolate …let it go.
These guests got under your skin and it shows. Just wait for some days to pass. Then use Ken’s review and Thumbs Down.


Maybe I’m being harsh here, but we’ve got someone who doesn’t review guests unless he/she has a problem, coming on here asking for help to review a guest.

Well hello, your other hosts rely on you providing an honest and factual review in order for them to decide whether to host someone. I’ve no idea why you don’t review guests but from an Airbnb perspective, reviews are the fuel to the engine.

So all your thanks for help are sounding a wee bit hollow from here, as is your promise to review more guests.



Shorten the novel and take any mention of future hosting out of your response. Base your response solely on your experience of the guest and that alone otherwise they’ll remove it for not being a productive and directly related to your experience type of response


Here’s my suggestion: Aldina and her friend were the worst guests we’ve hosted in over 300 stays. They repeatedly broke house rules around quiet hours, cut a visiting son’s hair in our living room, left the house in terrible condition, and when they asked to use our washer/dryer, they found some laundry in them and took them out. After that, they asked us to pay them for doing laundry. Cannot recommend.


I would not refund them and I would mention the mess they left behind in the review.

Right on with this short version. 100% Guest has already reviewed- probably poorly- so def no refund.


What does - one of the biggest challenges you will find with them is… authenticity mean???

That’s my understanding. I’m tired of helping other hosts who do nothing for me and in fact are undermining me.


Reviews are just a thumbs up or down to your fellow hosts. If someone needs the blow by blow they will message you. Your long review is what any one of us needs to vent - but this is not what you post.

Other hosts will trust your judgement. Go with an almost bullet point list so we can know whether it’s a good or bad fit for our hosting situation. Something that would bother one host might not be a problem for another - we just need to know what categories of crazy/annoying guest we’re dealing with here: cleanliness, tardiness, cheap, demanding…
Other hosts have suggested good revisions.

All you have to say is this group left the place in terrible shape, they requested a refund after checkout (with brief description of the petty justification)…and the few other major points about breaking house rules.

This is usually when I have a couple drinks. Remember: At least you don’t have to see those people again!

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Way too long. Cut 90% of your wording