Guest requested to change reservation dates less than 24hs. for check in

I have a guest due to check in tomorrow. Today at noon I sent her a message to inquire about her arrival time. Now at 11 pm she responded saying that she actually can’t make it tomorrow, but she wants to arrive on Tuesday and still checkout on her original check out date. After that she has submitted a change for my approval which gives her a refund for Monday night. Would you accept the request on a short notice like this ( less than 24 hs.)? I think it’s unfair to me.

How long is the reservation? If it’s three weeks for example, losing one night isn’t worth having a grumpy guest.

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What is your cancellation policy? If it’s strict they shouldn’t expect any refund. How about offering to refund her if you get a booking for the night?

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The reservation is only for 3 days.

My cancellation policy is strict. Yes, this is an option, not to accept the alteration and instead offer a refund if I can book the night for tomorrow.

Accept the change, but change the amount to the original amount of the booking. Explain that you are happy to refund the night if you get a last minute booking in.


Thank you @AlexSJ, this is another option to work things out.

Update, this was an attempt to fool me, after explaining her that I only could refund her if I get another reservation for tonight, she immediately responded that the emergency was over and she will be able to check in today. Thank you all for your responses.


I would comply with her request in hopes of getting a 5 star rating from her for accommodating her, even though it is unfair to the host. Hopefully, the 5 star rating will make up for losing $ for that one night.

No it won’t @Ritz3 as you can see from developments, this guest was taking the piss.

There is no guarantee that even if the OP did this that the guest would provide a five star review.

No @Ritz3 just no, no, no, nooooooo :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Would you offer a guest the cash equivalent of one night’s free accommodation to get a 5 star rating? Because that is effectively what you are suggesting.

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