Guest request to pay damage on car

This is the message I got from the guest

We enjoyed our time at the villa. It is a very beautiful house.

*I’m reaching out to let you know of an incident that occurred to our car while parked in your designated area. While parked where the staff directed us, a tree limb fell onto our car windshield. It cracked the glass and we had to pay our rental company for a replacement. *

As this was a significant expense occurred as a result of the villa’s designated parking spot, I was hoping you could help us out financially. We are happy to pay the majority but considering we only stayed at the villa for 2 nights and payed for 3, was hoping you might reimburse us a portion.

Would you be willing to help us out given this unfortunate incident?

the parking space is 1 km from my villa, its the parking space for the whole village, not a particular parking space that is mine.

I think natural incidents like a falling tree limb are beyond my control… what are your thoughts?

I agree. [I am writing below with an eye to Airbnb customer service also seeing it. I would also pro-actively contact Airbnb, explain the claim and why you don’t owe any and suggest that the communication from the guest is evidence of what might become a retaliatory review since you are not agreeing to pay the damages incurred as a result of a third party or act of god. Their first statement to you, however, should defuse any retaliatory review they might wish to launch.]

I’m unsure whether this space was the only space that the guest could have been directed to park and whether the ‘staff’ referred to is yours or the town’s.

It’s probably best to resist any impulse to start your response with “LOL.” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I might say something like: "I am so sorry that a tree limb broke onto your car’s windshield in the village’s parking lot. You might have recourse with the village. Have you contacted them?

Please keep in mind that this was not ‘my’ parking space but I directed you to the general area one km away that is parking for the whole village. I cannot be responsible for damages for acts of god, damage to your vehicle that is generally covered by insurance, or any negligence by the village. Have you contacted your auto insurer (comprehensive coverage)? Did you buy the comprehensive insurance coverage with the rental? Do you have insurance coverage with your credit card carrier?"


This is a car insurance claim. It has nothing to do with you or Airbnb. You have to find a nice and diplomatic way to explain that to the guest. I’d give it a go but I know you’re particularly good at it.


The things guests aren’t ashamed of trying on…


Oh hell to the no. “The villa’s designated parking spot”? Shameless.

Are these the same losers who whinged about their luggage, or are you just having a bad run of guests?

“We are happy to provide information about available public parking to guests who bring vehicles, but public parking is not owned by, assigned to, nor maintained by the Airbnb, and we are not responsible for any damages.”

I would not mention insurance or give anything that could be perceived as advice or instruction, in order not to involve yourself in any way in this matter.


Not the host’s problem. This is a matter for the car’s insurance company. The guests are either very daft or are trying it on.


I would not say anything about you not having control over a tree limb. I would say that the villa does not have private parking so the staff directed you the nearest public parking area. You do not have responsibility for public parking spaces simply because your staff pointed it out to them.

I’d respond “That’s unfortunate that your windshield was damaged, but it was in a public parking space. Our staff directed you there as it is the nearest parking area since we have no private parking at the villa.”

I think you need to get ready for a poor review from these guests. I noticed their comment about paying for 3 nights but only staying for 2, so I think they are trying to get some money back from you any way they can. Are you sure their windshield was even broken?


I had exactly the same thought. Juxtiposing that they paid for 3 nights but only stayed for 2 into the windshield business sounds suspicious.

they left at 3 pm day earlier, I don’t know why they mention about paying 2 nights, with late check out they would be paying for 3 nights anyway.

My staff did see the windshield was broken from the tree.

I am just thinking what to write in a review about them, it feels like extortion a bit.


The guest did write you:

So if they contradict that in their review I would contact Airbnb with the full letter, asking that the review be removed as obviously that letter was extortion and the review retaliatory.

But I’d be contacting Airbnb now.


100% an insurance issue and nothing to do with you. Does seem very shady - extortion like.