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Guest reporting blood on bed sheets and blaming my sofa bed


I just received a message from my current guest who is telling me that he cut himself while sleeping in my sofa bed and as a result the sheets and douve are stained with blood.

His message is implying that its my fault that this happened as something in the sofa cut him.

For the life of me I can’t understand how a sofa bed could cut someone. Its all soft no sharp edges whatsoever! I’ve sat on it, slept on it and so have countless guests. I’m just thinking its an excuse to put the blame on me.

What do you think? How would you handle this?


Sometimes the metal fold mechanisms can have sharp edges, I have had sheets folded into sofa beds torn that way, so perhaps your guest had an opening or closing, not a sleeping, issue. I don’t know how you can dispute this one and come out the winner. If it was me I would probably fall all over myself “Oh dear. Thank you so much for telling me. When can I pop by and change the bed for you? Per my listing, there’s a first aid kit in (location). Please be careful. Can you tell me how it happened, so I can check on it?” (Notice how I didn’t actually make any admissions there that the bed sliced and diced the guest.)


Be nice and offer to check bed, I don’t think he’s blaming you just telling you incase you wonder why there’s boood on it


Get more info. What does he mean “cut himself?” As far as you know there is nothing sharp in the bed. Don’t admit to anything.


I think @dpfromva has the right response. Don’t be defensive, whatever you do, that will only make things worse. Say ‘how sorry you are to hear this’ but DON’T apologise for anything else - you did nothing wrong for now.
Ask for details and what he thinks might have happened. DON’T give any suggestions on how it might have happened (folding mechanisms etc.) otherwise you’ve handed him a refund on a plate. If he genuinely hurt himself, you need to know and get it fixed. If he’s trying it on, you still need to know and find out how bad is the bedlinen situation.
Do you live close by and able to go over?


I live 20 minutes away. I’m going later today to have a look. Thank you for the suggestions so far you have been very helpful.


it does sound like he cut himself and trying to find an excuse…i’ve slept on many sofa beds. ))…ud have to do something very strange to cut urself…as you say go and have a look…


Just got back from the crime scene and I found no blood stains on the sheets! Apparently this guys mother (who is one of the guests) managed to soak the sheets in cold water. He kept insisting that it was the sofa bed that cut him as he pointed towards his elbows. However, I could see not see any bruise or cut there!

I proceeded to inspect the sofa bed with my bare hands and there was absolutely nothing that could cut anyone. The sofa’s mechanism is all hidden under the soft top. (its an IKEA FRIHETEN sofa)

I offered to give the guest new sheets and I washed the ones he stained with a cold wash, all came out good as new.

As I walked out I noticed his finger had a band aid! I think he was making some excuse, so I’m guessing there is another truth to his story. Anyway I left it at that, keep my cool and left them to enjoy their holiday.


All’s well that ends well. Sounds like Mom is super sensible and you have nothing to worry about.


Good to hear it was a successful outcome! And thank you for coming back to update. How old is this guy?? I can’t quite get my head round someone who contacts a host because he somehow cut his likkle finger and his mum had to wash the sheets for him.


I think around 35-40


let Airbnb know, in case they give you a shithouse review


Don’t you mean shithole? :laughing::rofl::rofl::rofl:


yeah, might as well! It’s the word of the week! x


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(He was not one to take out in public.


Most outhouses back in the day were wood (y’know, with that cute little half moon cut out), so I just always assumed that meant the girl was really built solid, stacked, whatever sexist term you want to supply for curvy hips and big breasts.
Silly old stuff, huh? Many of my older relatives I like to pretend I am not with them when out and about . . .


I think it meant she could handle herself in a bar fight, rather than have curves. Generally applied to massive men!


:open_mouth: Not sure whether to laugh or cry :hushed:

Help reviewing guests

Yep, that sounds in line with the connotation dear ol’ dad used.

@Barns - Nooo, but thanks for the LOL.


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